Pareena Kraikupt

Pareena reports to police to acknowledge charges of forest encroachment

Palang Pracharat MP for Ratchaburi province, Pareena Kraikupt, reported to the Natural Resources and Environment Crime Suppression Division to acknowledge charges in connection with her alleged illegal occupation of 106.4…

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Forest Department to file more charge against Ms. Pareena Kraikupt

The Forest Department is to file an additional charge of encroachment into national forest reserves against Palang Pracharat MP Pareena Kraikupt. Forest Department chief Atthapol Charoenchansa told Thai PBS today…

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Flare-up at meeting of House Anti-Corruption and Misconduct Committee

A heated argument erupted, at a meeting of the House Anti-Corruption and Misconduct Committee this afternoon, between the committee chairman, Pol Gen Seripisut Temiyavet on one side and two committee…

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Ms. Pareena surrenders Sor Por Kor land she occupied

Palang Pracharat MP Pareena Kraikupt surrendered the 109 hectares of Sor Por Kor (land reform) land on which her chicken farm was built, to the Agricultural Land Reform Office. In…

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Three charges to be filed against Ms. Pareena today by Royal Forest Department

The Royal Forest Department will file three charges today against Palang Pracharat MP for Ratchaburi, Ms. Pareena Kraikupt, for alleged encroachment on 7.376 hectares of national forest reserves. The department…

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Ms. Pareena demands fresh survey, claiming she acquired the land honestly

Embattled Palang Pracharat MP for Ratchaburi province, Ms. Pareena Kraikupt, is fighting back and has asked the Royal Forest Department to conduct a second land survey of her poultry farm,…

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MP Ms. Pareena not qualified to rent land in Ratchaburi province

Palang Pracharat MP for Ratchaburi province, Ms. Pareena Kraikupt, will have to cede to the state the 102 hectares of land in Chom Bung district of Ratchaburi, which she has…

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Outspoken MP Pareena in hot water over questionable land occupation in Ratchaburi

Ms Pareena Kraikupt, Palang Pracharat MP for Ratchaburi province, appears to be in some trouble relating to her claim that she has the right to occupy and use some 102…

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Probe into Palang Pracharat MP Pareena’s land in Ratchaburi

Natural Resources and Environment Minister Warawut Silpa-archa has ordered an investigation into the reported occupation of more than 102 hectares of state land, in Chom Bung district of Thailand’s central…

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