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All eyes on Prayut, and just a bit on Democrats and Pheu Thai

The new laws on elections and structures of the House of Representatives and the Senate have set the ball rolling for Thailand’s first democratic exercise at ballot boxes since the…

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Gen Prayut and the military junta are believed to stand to benefit more from an early election.

Reasons why Thai election can be sooner rather than later

Critics of the military government always suspect that it will keep dragging its feet on the election. However, prolonging the ballot exercise is not necessarily a good idea strategically. Here…

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The how and why of “primary” flip-flop

The planned scrapping of the “primary” screening of election candidates has the two major mainstream parties laugh cynically.   Although they don’t like the “primary” idea, the biggest mainstream parties — Pheu Thai and Democrat to be exact — are well equipped to follow the proposed…

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