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Thai PBS World, we bring Thailand to the world

Thai PBS World is an online English news website of the Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS), Thailand’s public service broadcaster. It offers the latest news reports and insightful analyses on important and most relevant issues on Thailand and the region.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Thai PBS World operates under Thailand’s Public Broadcasting Service Act, BE 2551 (2008). Under this act, all advertisements, sponsored articles, product placements, and paid collaborations are strictly prohibited.


Thai PBS World “Netiquette” policy

Thai PBS World welcomes constructive feedback and open discussions on our social media platforms. To create a safe space for all users, kindly observe our “Netiquette” policy as listed below.

  1. No personal or defamatory attacks on our staff and other users
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Thai PBS World reserves the right to delete or hide comments that are against these rules and take action against those responsible. As a last resort, we may block users who persistently post offensive material on our social media platforms.


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