Thai Traditional medication relieves mild COVID-19 symptoms

Fah Talai Jone is a well-known medicinal plant in Thailand. The leaves are traditionally used to make an exceedingly bitter tea, to treat a number of illnesses, including fevers and…

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Grocery trucks from monks to the elderly in Lampang

In Thai society, monks play a vital role as the anchors of faith and spirituality for many people. So, when communities are in crisis, monks are often seen coming out of…

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‘School Isolation’ becomes norm as boarding schools ordered to be sealed

As home and community isolation take on added significance as COVID-19 infections keep rising, with Bangkok and some other provinces experiencing severe hospital bed shortages, there is a new term…

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Lampang health volunteers on the campaign to encourage locals to get inoculated.

‘Vaccine hesitancy’ bites in Thailand – but one province has the antidote

At a time when Thailand is struggling to convince its citizens to sign up for free COVID-19 vaccination, Lampang has recorded remarkable success, getting all eligible residents to register for…

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Lampang to continue to face minor aftershocks for about a month

The northern province of Lampang will continue to be shaken by minor aftershocks for about a month after a 4.9 magnitude tremor with its epic-centre in Wang Nua district struck…

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20 school children injured in van accident in Lampang

About 20 school children were injured when a passenger van in which they were travelling to schools crashed into a roadside power pole apparently after one of the car tires…

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Hundreds of passengers left stranded after train derails in Lampang

The rail traffic in the North was suspended this morning as the operation to salvage a petroleum-transporting train derailing Thursday night in Lampang was still underway after 12 hours of…

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