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Artisanal Pa Tong Go

By Ohhappybear In the world of so-called ‘foodie’, among numerous words that have always been repeated and slapped until well-bruised, is ‘artisan.’ Not that I have anything against the word…

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The Amazing Phu Tok

By Ohhappybear There’s something about the furthest, remotest place that beckons many of us. The north part of the Northeast of Thailand, for me, is a land that usually calls…

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Freshest of Phuket Morning Market

By – Ohhappybear Wise people, and I mean wise foodie people, once told me that to get to really know the place well, you might want to start at the…

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Borderline Delicacies in Udon Thani

By Ohhappybear Whatever you might have known about Thai-Esan cuisines, the pictures started to blur when, maybe it’s my imagination, you crossed more provincial lines going north. The further up…

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Phuket’s Oldest Tea Snack ‘Pang Pia’

By Ohhappybear It is now not a secret that Phuket folks love their foods. They say with pride that locals, one proudly born and bred in town, are mostly familiar…

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Nursing Sea Turtles in Phang-Nga

By Ohhappybear At the Thai Royal Navy Sea Turtle Conservation Centre in the southern province of Phang-Nga, for a couple of hours and a bit of elbow grease, animal lovers…

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Sukhothai – On Noodle and History

Sukhothai – On Noodle and History By Ohhappybear  For historians, or those self-proclaimed historical buffs, Sukhothai means a magnificent place to study the old pasts. But for food lovers, the name…

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The Blooms of Phang-Nga

The Blooms of Phang-Nga By Ohhappybear The seaside, mountain-trimmed province of Phang-Nga is a place for natural worshippers. Tree huggers, me included, would like it here very much here. Whenever…

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Khao Soi at Somewhere Far Far Away

There is always an allure of a place far, far away. Many times, we are just not too happy with our own routine-ridden spaces, and we just need to get…

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Dumpling Called Bird

Snacks are big in Thailand. We have them all – savoury, sweet, on skewers, from steamers. But there is one particular snack that represents the exquisite details of the old-school…

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One Salad, Four Names

Tao Kua is a regionally ubiquitous dish of the Thai deep south. It is a salad. A hearty snack, something locals there eat between meals. While Hat Yai and Songkhla…

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The Geo-Gergeous Satun

Introducing the highlights of Satun’s gorgeous geological trails after the deep-southern seaside province has been listed as a UNESCO Global Geopark site thanks to its tremendous archeological values. The trails…

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Crispy Rubies for Dessert

There is no denying that we are quite smitten by listings. From the world’s best to the world’s most everything, we love it all. We love looking at them and…

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Samrap is the Name of the Game

There is a saying that a set of Nam Prik or Thai chilli dip with assorted vegetables makes a complete Thai meal. And that is true when you consider how…

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Coconut ‘Tun Tuk’ Makes Thai Sweet Dumplings

In Thailand, the food’s names oftentimes make them auspicious. Take ‘Kanom Tom,’ the name that means ‘boiled dessert,’ in which the word ‘boil’ in Thai is ‘tom,’ that somehow, in…

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Ice Cold Rice for Thai Summer

For those who are familiar with the steaming hot, soft and fluffy rice – a staple in most Thai meals – this type of summertime rice might appear to be…

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The Origins of Pad Thai

The world can’t seem to get enough of Pad Thai. That one is true. In all corners of the world, Pad Thai – a Thai-style stir-fried noodle – is likely…

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A Detour Back to Food

Good day from the delicious den of Bangkok. This new column is going to be about foods and places in Thailand, ones that should give you a glimpse of our…

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