11 July 2024

The first pair of captive great hornbills were released into the wild in Chae Son National Park in Thailand’s northern province of Lampang on Thursday.

Zoological Park Organisation Director, Atthaporn Srihayrun,said that great hornbills have not been found in the wild in northern provinces for more than 20 years and the release of the two birds is part of a project to study whether they can survive in the wild and whether this national park is suitablefor them.

More great hornbills will be released into the wild periodically, in such locations as the Doi Khun Tan, Mae Takhrai, Sri Lanna and Khun Chae national parks and the Chiang Dao wildlife sanctuary.

The great hornbill is one of 13 species of hornbill found in Thailand. They are a protected species under Thai law and included in the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature.