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Jazz returns to Hua Hin

Kenny G, Grammy-award winner and legendary American jazz saxophonist, is all set to bring jazz (and blues) back to Hua HinBeach on May 7. The International Jazz & Blues Festival…

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The ‘Evolving Civilisation: From Lopburi to Ayutthaya Periods’ exhibition at Bangkok National Museum features a sculpture of planetary divinities. (Photo by Phoowadon Duangmee)

Songkran at the museum

At Bangkok National Museum, which is within easy walking distance from Khaosan Road and the Grand Palace, you can celebrate the Thai New Year in a traditional and subtle way….

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Songkran brings a splash of memories

For anyone who has lived in Thailand for more than a year, Songkran time is unforgettable. The bright yellow flowers, called Golden Shower or ratchaphruek, burst into bloom weeks ahead,…

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Workers under the Mirror Foundation’s Work From Homeless project take a short break in Minburi, Bangkok. (Photo courtesy of Mirror Foundation)

Stories of suffering and struggle reveal tragic side of Thailand’s ageing society

Eighty-year-old Chalong does not just sit at home waiting for his monthly government subsidy payment. Instead, he keeps himself busy doing odd jobs four days a week. “What I want…

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The number of children aged 12-17 who fell victim to online child sexual exploitation and abuse last year surged to about 400,000, according to the Thailand Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.

Covid-19 lockdowns drive surge in online child sexual exploitation and abuse

Lockdowns forced children to move online for learning and play, putting them at risk of harm including sexual exploitation and abuse. Unsurprisingly, predators have taken full advantage of the unprecedented…

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Sour Yellow Curry with Young Mangosteen and Gu Fish, Sorn’s original recipe highlighted on its Instagram page.

Sorn scores high in Asia’s best’s 50 Best Restaurants

Nine Thai restaurants raise the flag at the 10th annual culinary excellence awards Sorn, the chef Supaksorn ‘Ice’ Jonsiri’s celebrated restaurant, raised the flag for authentic Southern Thai cuisine, rising nine…

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A never-ending hunger

Seeing their children tuck into their food usually brings a smile to a mother’s face. Not, though, to Paweerisa Assawasoontornnate. Her boy is suffering from a rare disease caused by…

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A nature trail goes through the forest of Samet trees in Rayong Botanical Park. (Photo by Phoowadon Duangmee)

Rayong’s best-kept secret: A mysterious marshland and ancient-looking trees

The island’s beaches might get all the attention, but when it comes to tranquility and serenity (and escaping the crowds), the marshland of Rayong Botanical Garden is the biggest star. About…

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Delicious sausages may pose health risks

Sausages are among the world’s favourite foods. They’re delicious and go well with drinks, with fried and grilled sausages a perfect match for beer. They can be part of a…

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A map shows the “Happy Journey with BEM” travel route, which connects Bangkok’s historical and heritage districts. (Photos by Chusri Ngamprasert and Wararat Tumtuti)

Riding the Train of Wonders

Bangkok’s Chinatown, or Yaowarat as it is more properly known, along with Rattanakosin island and Thonburi are well-known for their historical sites and delectable cuisine. Excursions to these famous areas…

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Meet the demon, Kumbhakarna, a 135-year-old copper mask with wide eyes and a grin on his face. (Photos by Phoowadon Duangmee)

Gods, demons and finery

Visitors to Bangkok’s Ratchadamnoen Contemporary Art Center are now able to see one of Thailand’s oldest Khon masks, as well as a range of glittering headdresses and spectacular traditional costumes….

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Food operators forge ahead with green initiatives to help save the planet

Food delivery services in Thailand increased dramatically during the pandemic and even though dine-in restrictions have now been lifted, ordering in remains as popular as ever. Granted, ordering is a…

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Sorrapong, the humble king of the Thai screen

Today’s kids might not be aware of how handsome Sorapong Chatree was some four decades ago. In fact, the only thing differentiating him from today’s definition of “beauty” is that…

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The Chakkrabongse Villas- view from the Chao Phraya River

Chakrabongse Villas opens to the public to mark Chula Chakrabongse Day

The main house of Chakrabongse Villas will open its doors to visitors from 11 to 13 March 2022 to commemorate the birthday of Prince Chula Chakrabongse, the charming author who was…

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A big Buddha statue is another highlight seen from the canal. (Photo by Veena Thoopkrajae)

Discovering the canals of Thonburi the green way

There are many reasons for visiting an old town and the main ones are either to see how it has been developed over time or how it used to be…

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Western settlement along the Chao Phraya River

The Chao Phraya River is the main artery of Bangkok. In the old days, it was where everything happened, full of life and culture. So, the river’s banks were where…

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Seven tips for a younger and healthier brain

A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease is frightening – memory loss and cognitive impairment and all that. To a sufferer’s loved ones and indeed, the sufferer him or herself, it is the…

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Nakee cliff- once you reach the top, the reward is a fabulous view of the Mekong river. (Photo by Veena Thoopkrajae)

Stunning mythical shapes drawn by nature bring fame to Bueng Kan

The small province of Bueng Kan in the Northeast was way off the tourism track until recently but is now enjoying a surge in visitors thanks to some mythical beliefs….

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Galileo Chini’s sketch depicts the royal guests, including foreign dignitaries and members of royal families, who attended King Rama VI’s Coronation Ceremony. (Photo by Phoowadon Duangmee)

Every picture tells a story

After three years of preservation, the long-lost sketch by Italian Galileo Chini, a prototype of the fresco on the ceiling of Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall, is up for a sneak preview….

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Taopiphop Limjittrakorn: The home brewer turned MP shaking up Thailand’s liquor industry

A young man’s passion for craft beer has taken him to heights most Thais can only dream of – a seat in Parliament where he is now fighting to break…

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(Photo courtesy of Ramathibodi hospital)

Hospitals of the Future

Despite the disruptions COVID-19 has caused in the way healthcare is delivered in many countries, there are reasons to be optimistic about the future We have learned a great deal…

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Krung Thep Maha Nakhon today. (Photo by Veena Thoopkrajae)

Orchards of Olives vs City of Gods

Much has been written in the news this week about the recent announcement that Thailand’s capital should henceforth be known officially as Krung Thep Maha Nakhon and not Bangkok. This…

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Walk-A-Tif: Bangkok Design Week 2022

It’s that time of the year when we can explore the creative scene in Bangkok. Today, “Walk-A-Tif” brings you to Bangkok Design Week 2022, which has spread beyond its home…

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How Pareploy Saeaia became an advert for women’s self-defense training in Thailand

Pareploy Saeaia has become a testament to the power of female martial arts, after the clip of her tackling a guy who poured water over her head because she spurned his advances went viral.  …

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Popular and costly Syngonium at Chatuchak market. (Photo Veena Thoopkrajae)

Plants growers adapt to cope with sales in the new normal

Affected by rapid changes in interest both in gardening and houseplants, growers are turning their focus to exports and diversifying their activities in a bid to boost revenue. Two years…

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Pad Thai officially included in Oxford dictionary

Thailand has found another source of pride as its traditional dish “Pad Thai” has been included on the Oxford Dictionary website. Pad Thai has been defined as “a dish from…

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Design week comes to the old community of Talad Noi

Foodies and culture vultures who like nothing more than a stroll down memory lane have good reason to visit one of Bangkok’s oldest neighborhoods this and next weekend, as Talad…

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While Thailand has set the ageing society as a National Agenda item recently, we need action – and a lot of it – rather than just words.

The burden of age: why Thailand must prepare now for a growing greying society

With talks on the charter amendment and Prayut Chan-o-cha’s future dominating government and parliamentary affairs, one important issue has been grossly overlooked: that everyone, no matter what ideology he or…

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The jelly shaped into miniature-sized typical offerings has gained the attention of the young generation. It’s fun and convenient and they could enjoy eating it too after worshipping. (Photo by Namjai dessert Facebook page)

Worship with a wobble: the new trend of offering jelly to your ancestors

As many Thai-Chinese are preparing food to worship Gods, their ancestors, and wandering spirits on Chinese New Year, there are questions as to whether “modern” food is suitable for being…

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World NTD Day: Dengue Fever tops Thailand’s agenda

Dengue fever has become the focus for Thailand as the country joins the world in celebrating World Neglected Tropical Disease Day that falls on January 30. Neglected tropical diseases (NTD)…

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People having suicidal thoughts may talk directly or indirectly about dying or wanting to die. They may also show signs of social withdrawal and isolation. Take the warning sign very seriously. (Photo by Adrian Swancar)

Why depression can be a killer

We all have our good and bad days. Unfortunately, some of us have more bad than good and on our worst days, we can feel overwhelmed by unexplained sadness and…

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Chef Noom prepare a cannabis-infused menu at the event.

Thai Michelin-starred chef’s take on culinary cannabis

Chefs and foodies welcome a return of cannabis to Thai kitchen. It has made an exciting scene for gastronomy. Edibles or cannabis-infused food are of great taste but they are…

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COVID, coup and altruism – a Yarn story

The pandemic, followed by a coup. Myanmar couldn’t have it any harder. Amidst the chaos and woes, one of the rays of hope was what could be described as “Burmese…

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The ogival arches in European style speak to the majestic design and decoration of the royal lodge. (Photos by Phoowadon Duangmee)

Kham Yat Royal Residence: an intimate retreat

Standing halfway between Ayutthaya and Angthong provinces in central Thailand are the ruins of Kham Yat Royal Residence. To get there, I drive along small canal-side roads winding through tranquil…

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Safety tips from the Thai government for Chinese New Year celebrations

The government has offered some advice to Thais of Chinese descent on how to celebrate the Chinese New Year safely amid the increasing spread of the COVID-19 Omicron variant. They…

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Thich Nhat Hanh, poetic peace activist and master of mindfulness, dies at 95

Thich Nhat Hanh, the Zen Buddhist monk, poet and peace activist who in the 1960s came to prominence as an opponent of the Vietnam War, died on Saturday aged 95…

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Researchers found that introducing peanut products to babies and infants, and gradually increasing exposure, led to greater tolerance for the common allergen. (Photo by Fidias Cervantes)

Adding peanuts to young children’s diet can help avoid allergy: study

Including peanuts in children’s diets early in life could help stave off allergies against the legume, which can be fatal and affect swathes of youngsters globally, according to a new…

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Not a lot of croc: crocodile meat is edible when it’s cooked well

Food vendors and consumers have been hard hit by the escalating prices of chicken, eggs, and pork in particular, the latter has doubled in price since last year. It’s a…

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corals shaped like roses in the waters off the coast of Tahiti of the French Polynesia. (Photo by Alexis Rosenfeld/@alexis.rosenfeld via AP)

Rare, pristine coral reef found off Tahiti coast

Deep in the South Pacific, scientists have explored a rare stretch of pristine corals shaped like roses off the coast of Tahiti. The reef is thought to be one of…

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Love knows no boundaries – even when it comes to age

What’s in an age difference? Not a lot according to Porn, 58, and Wave, 18. The couple with an age gap of 40 years has become a viral sensation on…

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Uncle Wat gone but ‘Baby’ remains Immortal

There are always books parents want their kids to read and others they prefer the little ones to keep away from but “Nhoo-Jah” and “Baby” were always welcome in the…

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Obtaining halal certification is a growing trend among SMEs and start-ups and not only helps boost consumers’ trust and confidence but also serves as a springboard to the global market. (Biriyani and grilled chicken Halal shows in the photo)

Halal food trends are booming

Thailand has long been known as the kitchen of the world thanks to its abundant natural resources and tasty cuisine and now it is achieving global fame in another culinary…

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Bangkok’s new wetlands give back life to Mother Nature

As we made our way up the elevated walkway in Benjakitti Forest Park on a late afternoon in December, our eyes were treated to a different kind of Bangkok sunset…

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Korat Biennale. (Photo by Prasert Thepsri)

Art: Bringing light and new life to Korat

Offering a rare chance for art lovers to indulge in the works of artists from around the globe, the second edition of “Thailand Biennale, KORAT 2021”, which opened recently and…

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Things you may not know about Thai Hom Mali, the world’s best rice

The pride of the nation, Thai Hom Mali rice (Jasmine Rice) is native to Thailand yet not every Thai knows the history of this delicious grain. Thai Hom Mali rice…

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Bangkok beats Pattaya as top New Year’s Eve destination, Khao Kho makes it into the Top 10

Bangkok has defeated last year’s champion Pattaya and returned to number one spot as the most favourite destination to celebrate the start of 2022, according to data from digital travel…

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Cannabis-infused food and beverages are in for 2022.

The food, nutrition and wellness trends that are in for 2022

Consumers behaviors have shifted dramatically during the pandemic, triggering new food trends that prompt innovations. And the health, sustainability, food safety, and animal welfare trends are set to be the…

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Surf-skating, LALISA, #RealSizeBeauty and Clubhouse – Here’s the BUZZ of 2021

The BUZZ of the year is back, with more mesmerizing trends! 2021 has sparked a lot of new and interesting trends, some of which weren’t expected to become a craze…

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Michelin Guide Thailand 2022 sees six new restaurants awarded Stars

The latest Michelin Guide Thailand has been released, featuring new restaurant additions, from fine-dining to street food, in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket and Phang-nga, with Ayutthaya being the latest province…

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In this photo taken on December 11, 2021 a dancer takes part in a “nora” performance. (Photo by Madaree TOHLALA / AFP)

UNESCO recognises Thailand’s ‘Nora’ folk dance, jasmine rice wins Best Rice Award 2021

The United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) today (Wednesday) recognised “Nora”, a traditional folk dance drama from southern Thailand, as an intangible cultural heritage at the 16th session…

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Sing Buri Market boasts the most varieties of caladiums.

Sing Buri: A Mecca for ornamental plants

Once mainly associated with the brave villagers of Bang Rachan who fought off the Burmese army in the Ayutthaya era, Sing Buri province is today also known for being home…

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Dog holiday on Hua Hin beach. (Photo by @maytoujours)

Pet parenting on the rise

Baby boomers have long worked hard to provide for the wellbeing of their children and today those same children – and their own offspring – are working equally hard to…

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Display of spirit house and offering at the “Decoding Thainess” exhibition. (Photo by Veena Thoopkrajae)

Decoding Thainess the Thai way

Long-time expats and even Thais find it hard to explain what Thainess or “Kwam Pen Thai” means. The answer is not easy, which may itself explain why Museum Siam is using…

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Cool ways to beat the “half-half” deadline

Disclaimer: If you have already used up your quota, then just read this for fun. But if you are finding out that there is a significant amount of ‘free’ money…

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How live streaming is transforming shopping in Thailand

With its offer of bargains, interaction, entertainment and value to consumers and the chance for retailers to earn significant cash, it’s little wonder that livestream shopping on social media is such…

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Amnat Phu-ngern, a Phetchaburi gardener, shows off his toddy palm fruits at the Uncle Thanom Palm Orchard in Phetchaburi, central Thailand. (Photo by Phoowadon Duangmee)

Phetchaburi: A small town with a big flavour

The seaside province of Phetchaburi, located 175 kilometers southwest of Bangkok, is already well-known for traditional art, heritage buildings, and natural wonders – but food culture is its newest claim to…

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Flowers for every feeling

After months of being unusually quiet, Bangkok’s biggest flower market Pak Khlong Talad is ready to welcome shoppers today, Saturday, with a flower installation called “Form of Feeling @ Flower…

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All lit up: how a hidden public space could give birth to more visual treats

The recently celebrated Loy Krathong festival provided the perfect opportunity for a group of designers to create an experimental lighting project that transformed an abandoned, neglected and inaccessible area in…

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Customer registers for the cup rental service on the smartphone. (Photo by NHK)

Starbucks Japan offers rental cups in Tokyo’s stores

Starbucks Japan is introducing rental cups on a trial basis to some stores in a bid to reduce waste. The company will begin the test next Monday at 10 stores…

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An exhibition of Park Soo-keun’s works at the South Korea’s National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul. (Photo by KBS)

Exhibition of Park Soo-keun’s works opens in Seoul

Artist Park Soo-keun is highly revered for heartwarming portrayal of ordinary Koreans despite the hardship of the 1950s. His large retrospective exhibition has opened in Seoul. Two women standing beside…

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Scala torn down, no old building fits the ‘New Bangkok’

The demolition of the Scala theatre has broken hearts all over the city and for many different reasons. The Scala theatre in Bangkok’s Siam Square area was more than just…

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A set of Moo Krata and local street food at Pranburi marekt.

“Moo Krata” by the sea

With Thais craving a return to the moo krata feasts they so enjoyed before COVID-19 sent us all into quasi solitary confinement, sellers of this popular food have been finding…

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The future is electric: your questions about EVs answered

Now that auto companies are rolling out more and more electric vehicles (EVs) onto the Thai market, the real question is whether the time has come for Thai consumers to…

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(Photo courtesy of @russellcrowe)

10 Things we learned – and should learn — from Hollywood superstar Russell Crowe

Thailand’s powerful travel campaign “Travel is Back” courtesy of  Gladiator star Russell Crowe ended this week with the Australian star bidding farewell to Bangkok on Twitter to his 2.7 million…

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A recent survey revealed that Thais spend around 80 minutes per day reading, mostly electronically, online media that include e-books, e-magazines, articles from online platforms and websites. (Photo by Matias North)

Thais read more than you think!

Have you read more or less during the pandemic? More and more people have been getting back into reading as a way to unwind and relax during these tough times….

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Ancient sculptures depicting the Jataka are part of the exhibition at the Phra Pathom Chedi National Museum. (Photo by Fine Arts Department)

Discovering Dvaravati: Phra Pathom Chedi National Museum re-opens

Closed to visitors since April 2019, the Phra Pathom Chedi National Museum is now reopening with a new and spectacular exhibition, which includes the Inscription of Wat Phra Ngam, the…

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(Photo courtesy of Miss Thailand Universe Facebook page)

Beauty queen: Your biggest mission might be the simplest one

To Anchilee Scott-Kemmis, nobody can go out and change the world alone, but a small first step in the right direction is to love your pure, original self. Meet Anchilee,…

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Sotheby’s auctioneer Oliver Barker leads an auction of 11 works by Spanish artist Pablo Picasso, alongside “Femme au beret rouge-orange” (top L), in Las Vegas on October 23, 2021. (Photo by Ronda Churchill / AFP)

Picasso masterpieces fetch $108.9 million at Sotheby’s auction

Eleven masterpieces by Pablo Picasso fetched $108.9 million at a Sotheby’s auction in Las Vegas on Saturday.  The works went under the hammer at the Bellagio hotel and casino, known…

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The first organic skincare brand in Myanmar

Myanmar is a country which has been plagued by troubles throughout its history, but it prospered quickly after the 2015 election, which saw the first democratically elected government come into…

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(Photo by Álvaro Serrano)

Music fans spend more time listening to tunes during pandemic -study

Music fans globally are spending more time listening to tunes, about 18.4 hours a week on average, and have turned to their favorite artists for comfort during the COVID-19 pandemic,…

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The ‘Click to Pray’ app, a smartphone app designed to allow the faithful to pray with a click, is displayed on a mobile phone, in this illustration picture taken in Rome, Italy, October 19, 2021. REUTERS/Guglielmo Mangiapane/Illustration

Click to Pray 2.0 – Vatican app gets up close and personal with God

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – The Vatican on Tuesday rolled out its latest “Click to Pray“ app, offering a personal planner among new functions for what it hopes will be an improved digital “praying experience” in a fast-paced world….

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Train simulator in the guest room at Asakusa Tobu Hotel. (Photo by NHK)

Japan’s top rail firm open train-themed hotel with simulator

Japan’s top rail firms are going the extra mile to attract customers as the pandemic continues to cripple the travel industry. The industry leaders, which also operate hotels, are using…

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Photo courtesy of Bruce Gaston Facebook page.

Influential musician Bruce Gaston passes away at the age of 74

Musicians all over Thailand are today mourning the passing of Bruce Gaston, the first man to successfully blend traditional Thai sounds with contemporary Western melodies. Many foreigners fascinated by Thai…

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A priest sprinkles holy water on dogs at a drive-through pet blessing a day before World Animal Day, at Eastwood Mall, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines, October 3, 2021. REUTERS/Lisa Marie David

Philippines pets receive blessings in drive-through ceremony

MANILA, Oct 3 (Reuters) – Hundreds of animal lovers in the Philippines had their pets blessed via a drive–through ceremony on Sunday to mark World Animal Day and the feast of Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron…

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kluay daeng Indo bai dang. (Photo by Voravuth Kunghae)

Plant markets turn a new leaf amid pandemic

Gardening has bloomed during the lockdowns as people stuck at home have chosen to become plant parents. Instagram posts are full of green leaves and colorful flowers. Joining the trend…

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Soya based burger. (Photo by Tscherning)

Lucrative opportunities for Thailand in the alternative protein market

Not so long ago, the idea of a fast-food chain famous for its “finger-licking good” fried chicken adding plant-based meat to its menu would have raised more than a few…

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The site of sunken ship off coast Gallipoli in Turkey. (Photo by Reuters)

Shipwrecks of World War I are a seabed museum in Turkey

Turkey’s newest park is an underwater museum of fourteen shipwrecks that lie beneath the waves of the Dardanelles Strait, a glimpse into the fierce battles between Ottoman and Allied forces…

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Tradition prevails as Phuket prepares to host Vegetarian Festival

Believed to be the birthplace of the vegetarian festival in Thailand, Phuket has decided to hold its well-known and much-loved vegetarian or Je festival from October 5 to 15 this…

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The new international house of literature known as The Haruki Murakami Library at the Waseda University in Tokyo. (AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko)

Murakami library unveiled at author’s alma mater in Tokyo

Haruki Murakami fans can marvel at a vast collection of the Japanese author’s novels, scrapbooks and vinyl at a cavernous new library unveiled Wednesday at his old university in Tokyo….

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(Photo by NHK)

Edible insect vending machine launched across Japan

Foods with insect extracts and edible insects are being sold in vending machines across Japan. One such vending machine was installed in Miyaki Town, Saga Prefecture, western Japan on Tuesday….

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(Photo by Reuters)

Shrink-wrapped Arc de Triomphe finally displays artist Christo’s vision

Crowds stood admiring the Arc de Triomphe in Paris on Saturday (September 18) after it was draped in silvery blue, recyclable plastic wrapping as a tribute to late artist Christo….

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(Photo by J. Kelly Brito)

The downside of digital learning

Virtual learning during lockdown has been a brand new experience for all students and parents, with both doing their best to come up with the best way to create an…

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(Photo by Reuters)

‘Worn Out’: Dutch museum finds unknown Van Gogh drawing of old man

A Dutch museum on Thursday (September 16) unveiled a previously unknown work by Vincent van Gogh — a study for one of his best-known drawings, “Worn Out” — in which…

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Letting Thai culture live and breathe through time

Culture is like a little bird in your hand. You want to keep it and nurture it. Grasping it too firmly might stifle it, while holding it too loosely could…

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Embracing intangible cultural heritage

While countries around the world are harnessing their unique mix of cultural heritage to boost their economies Thailand, one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations with a rich and…

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The dhamma double-act mixing Thai Buddhism with laughter – and stirring controversy

Two famous monks from Bangkok’s Wat Soithong caused a sensation last weekend when they appeared on Facebook Live together to deliver joint sermons spiced with gags and laughter. And the…

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Bangkok’s dark secrets to be revealed in a new Thai-made Netflix series

Film buffs around the world will be treated to a glimpse of Bangkok’s darkest corners, where conspiracy hides behind a facade of charity, in the new series Bangkok Breaking, slated…

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(Photo by David Tun)

Myanmar Report: Going back to the drawing board – Myanmar’s first ever full-range hobby store

When the country of Myanmar first truly opened up to the outside world in 2015, many there were exposed to global trends for the first time. While many became hooked…

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Freshly fried Pad Thai at Thai Park in Berlin, Germany.

A True Taste of Thailand … in Berlin

The call would go out the moment officials were spotted nearing the informal market. Vendors would quickly unfurl the parasols and hide them under the mats before quickly walking away,…

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Queen Rambai Barni and king Prajadhipok of Thailand or Rama VII (1893-1941). (Photo by AFP)

The rollercoaster life of Queen Rambhai Barni

At 14, she married a prince and at 21 became queen. At 31, she moved to the UK with her husband following his abdication and was widowed by the age of…

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Organic eggs from Baan Rai Ninchana in Chainat province.

Consumers more ethical despite the pandemic

From edible items to residential units, consumers are increasingly concerned about their health and Mother Nature. Chuleeporn Yamnil is raising 56 chickens on her farm in Chainat province. These are…

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Castard Lava Mooncake from Hong Kong by MX Mooncake

Fancy mooncakes up for grabs on e-platforms

The economy might be ailing but bakers of mooncakes are betting on a healthy appetite for their tasty pastries as the run-up to the Mid-Autumn Festival gets underway. Celebrated all…

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Popcat fever offers Thailand respite from worries of COVID crisis

In this time of despair, a small sense of achievement has arrived to boost Thais’ morale – winning a global online race as a team. Thailand on Sunday (August 15) managed…

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How COVID-19 has changed the way we shop

The ongoing outbreak is affecting our lives in various ways and going to grocery shopping is no exception. Gone are days when we stopped at a supermarket to pick up…

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(Photo by Madaree Tohlala / AFP)

Gadgets that have become vital in the COVID-19 era

Ever since the arrival of COVID-19 early last year, people have been taking precautions to protect themselves. Facemasks and alcohol sanitizing gel have become indispensable parts of our everyday lives….

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French winemaker Alain Maurice, Eve Maurice’s brother, prunes the vine at the ‘Domaine des Beliers’ at Ancy-sur-Moselle, eastern France, on July 19, 2021. – The history of Moselle wines goes back to Roman times and before the Great War there were up to 15,000 hectares and around forty winegrowers. In the years that followed, the crisis of Philloxera, a vine aphid, and the industrialisation of the region almost destroyed the Moselle vineyards. (Photo by JEAN-CHRISTOPHE VERHAEGEN / AFP)

French wine production faces historic low after frost disaster

Paris (AFP) – France’s wine output this year will go on record as one of the worst in history, if not the worst, after severe spring frosts devastated vines, the agriculture…

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Singapore pilots new EV charging technologies in an effort to phase out petrol vehicles by 2040

New electric vehicle charging technologies will be piloted in Singapore, which has rolled out a regulatory sandbox for this. It’s one of several moves aimed at speeding up the building…

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The giant panda Huan Huan and her second twin cub, are seen inside their enclosure after she gave birth at Beauval Zoo in Saint-Aignan-sur-Cher, Central France, on August 1, 2021. (Photo by Guillaume SOUVANT / AFP)

Panda loaned to France gives birth to twins: zoo

Huan Huan, a giant panda on loan to France, gave birth to twin cubs very early Monday, according to the Beauval Zoo.  The twins, born around 1 am, are Huan…

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Phuang Malai hung in vehicles for luck and safety

High regard for the humble Phuang Malai

Hawaii and Polynesia have the lei, India the mala or haar, and the Philippines is known for its sampaguita, which adorn just about every religious icon. Thailand too has a…

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