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Dinosaurs al fresco

A hotel in Thailand’s Sukhothai province, the business of which has suffered due to the COVID-19 pandemic, has remodeled itself into an outdoor barbecue restaurant, with large model dinosaurs. The…

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Thailand summer cuisine
(Photo by Raimond Klavins on Unsplash)

Cooling down in the summer heat

A look at some of the best known and rare Thai dishes that scream out for eating in the hottest season When the temperature soars, most of us make for…

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Light reflects on rolling dunes surrounding the “Riyadh Oasis”, a luxury retreat in the Thumamah desert on the outskirts of the Saudi capital, on February 1, 2021. – Well-heeled Saudis frolic in an artificial oasis built on salmon-coloured dunes, splashing cash domestically in a year-long pandemic lock-in that dovetails with government efforts to discourage citizens from splurging overseas. (Photo by FAYEZ NURELDINE / AFP)

Luxury oasis draws elite Saudis locked in by pandemic

Well-heeled Saudis frolic in an artificial oasis built on salmon-coloured dunes, splashing the cash after a year-long pandemic lock-in that dovetails with efforts to discourage citizens from splurging overseas. Coronavirus…

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Performer Peppermint participates in ‘We Will Be Back’, a live pop-up event and commemoration of Broadway’s ‘lost year’ at Time Square on March 12, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by Angela Weiss / AFP)

After a dark year, Broadway sees light at the end of the summer

“We will be back!” a dozen singers proclaimed in the middle of New York’s Times Square, in a pop-up event commemorating the one-year anniversary of Broadway going dim. A clear…

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Durian Custard Toast for Durian Season

Durian season is coming, and who doesn’t love durian? The scent of toasted bread, stuffed with homemade durian custard, is now a speciality at this food shop in Bang Pong district…

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Krue Se Mosque draws visitors to Pattani both for its beauty and the grief it has witnessed. (Photo by Phoowadon Duangmee)

Passage to Pattani: Finding beauty in grief in a small coastal town

Big cities like Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and Phuket have traditionally drawn all the attention as Thailand’s most popular destinations. But the pandemic is now giving a small and little-known…

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Raya: a heroine to call our own

Southeast Asian culture becomes creative muse for Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Raya and the Last Dragon Long ago, in the fantasy world of Kumandra, humans and dragons lived together in…

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“Swamped” at Warin Lab

Art “Events” in Bangkok’s Creative District you can visit in March

As travelling abroad is still off limits, here are some ideas for escapes into culture and art  The pandemic has had an impact on every facet of life and for…

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photo by Veerawut​ Kiattiwong​

Movement, manipulation and marvels

A traditional puppet troupe adds to the pleasure of exploring the slow life in an old Bangkok neighbourhood After watching a short performance, a foreigner in the audience was invited…

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Turning the pandemic into opportunity

Personal trainers have adapted the way they train their clients in the Covid-19 era to help those who are uncomfortable going to physical locations Thanakorn Sripong, 25, found starting a…

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A Roller-coaster Ride to Success

Globally renowned Thai techno DJ Nakadia took a hiatus from the rave scene to tell her story in Positive Energy – Becoming Nakadia We’ve danced to her percussion groves and…

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A walk in the woods

The Japanese art of forest bathing is the perfect way to soothe the soul We all occasionally need to escape and there are few places better than Hup Pa Tat…

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Salty tap water needs urgent attention

Experts come up with a short-term fix and a long-term solution to the problem of salty tap water that looks set to become a permanent fixture Residents of Bangkok are…

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Woman in Wired Headphones holding Smartphone with Clubhouse drop in audio chat application on screen. New social network launched in 2020 by Alpha Exploration Co. Piombino, Italy – February 16 2021

How High Can Clubhouse Fly?

It’s so hot that invitations to the app are being sold on e-commerce platforms Unless you’ve moved to Mars, you will have heard about an application called “Clubhouse”. The new…

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An apparently abandoned vintage Fiat in the alley of Talat Noi, Bangkok. (Photo by Phoowadon Duangmee)

Greeting the Ox in the quaintest of styles

Lost at not being able to celebrate in Chinatown? We offer an alternative that’s just as enjoyable, albeit in a very different way Like many other countries around the world,…

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Papasarat Luepong and her father at Uncle Yai’s book rental shop.

How a dying book shop saved a screen-addicted kid

Modern life, it seems, is pushing Thai children into an all-consuming love affair with, or even addiction to the computer screen. The explosion of video streaming technology, a digital lifestyle,…

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Photo by Veerawut​ Kiattiwong​

Bangkok’s century-old Hua Lamphong station makes tracks towards railway history

After more than a century serving passengers, Thailand’s largest railway hub will reach the end of the line this year. If Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob gets his way, the Bangkok…

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Michelin-starred Chef Chumpol Jangprai. Photo from

“Thai food is the most  delicious medicine” – Chef Chumpol

The Michelin-starred chef demonstrates how food sustainably can be achieved Michelin-starred Chef Chumpol Jangprai has a clear image of himself in a decade to come: he will be enjoying the…

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Tao Ming School Photo by Phoowadon Duangmee

A tiny historic town well worth a detour

Not far from the well-known beaches of Khao Lak, Takua Pa offers a delightful reminder of bygone days Takua Pa, 25 kilometres northeast of Khao Lak and some other of…

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Happy Meals: cannabis-infused cuisine now being served

Prachin Buri’s hospital offers cannabis dishes and snacks to enthusiastic patrons No culinary trend could possibly beat the gastronomical delights of a cannabis menu! Just a read of the menu that…

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Just cruisin’ along

The new electric boat service on Klong Phadung Krungkasem makes a lovely change from the humdrum of Bangkok’s streets As the EV boat leaves Hua Lamphong pier and sails steadily…

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Crazy about croissants

Seems Thais just can’t have enough of the French crescent-shaped pastry Decades ago, if someone predicted that Thais would happily queue for hours to buy croissants just as they once did…

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Thailand Tourism Chiang Mai
Magnificent Mae Kuang Dam. PHOTO by Yoteyord Klangsombut

Northern pleasures: off the beaten track in Doi Saket

Chiang Mai remains one of the most popular destinations for the long holiday celebration but lesser-known Doi Saket offers attractions of its own With the Thai Cabinet adding 8 special…

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diet health

Losing weight in a healthy way to fight Covid-19

Experts say eating less but healthily and being more active is one of the keys to losing weight safely and might even protect against Covid-19. The start of a new…

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Exploring in a Covid world

Isolation is a new big thing for the travel of tomorrow Health declaration forms and virus tests. Quarantine-on-arrival (and on return) required. Most aircraftgrounded. Infection rates that change by the…

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Putting old-town Phimai back on the map

A university research group sets out to show off the oft-forgotten charms and culture of Phimai Once the crepe-like rice cake sitting on the filter cloth over the steaming pot…

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Sand, sea and lots of space in Chanthaburi

The long and winding road from Chanthaburi town to the border with Trat province takes in some of the best and quietest beaches on the Eastern shoreline While also famed…

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Thailand Travel Chanthaburi

Riverside Chic and Small Town Charms of Chanthaburi

Less crowded than many coastal destinations, Chanthaburi is ideal for a weekend away or a longer holiday Anyone looking to escape the urban chaos of Bangkok or other major cities…

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Pattaya to rebrand for sustainable growth

What’s next for the city after the coronavirus pandemic? The City of Pattaya is redefining its urban model as it aspires to become a city that appeals to tourists, businesses…

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Ghoulies, ghosties and things that go bump In the night

A new exhibition shines the spotlight on ASEAN’s best-known spirits Sensational street food, warm hospitality, exotic cultures and beautiful nature are not all that countries in Southeast Asia have to…

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Khao Man Gai is a popular meal in Thailand but you need to know where to enjoy it

Plates of plenty The much-loved one-dish meal Khao Man Gai (chicken and rice) varies in taste from stall to stall in Thailand and at popular places it is not easy…

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In coffee we trust

Even if you don’t think you’ve heard of Kaleb Jordan, there’s a chance his coffee has delighted your taste buds   Kaleb Jordan is an American coffee roaster. He runs a…

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A new interactive art installation takes the metropolis by storm

Out of the darkness and into the light Awakening Bangkok has returned to the City of Angels to brighten up the city’s darkest time. Part adventure, part amazement, the installation lures…

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Hua Khon Pra with a calm and graceful look./ Photo by and Phoowadon Duangmee and Chusri Ngamprasert

The making of history

Glittering costumes, intriguing stories, stunning music, graceful dance, acrobatic movements, spectacular battle scenes and a myriad dazzling masks all make the masked dance drama known as Khon one of Thailand’s…

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Photo by Veena Thoopkrajae

Bites of sheer heaven

Art is blossoming around the Ratchawong Pier area with the opening of new galleries, pubs and cafés in beautifully renovated commercial buildings dating back to the reign of King Rama…

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The first electric-powered boat service comes to Bangkok’s Klong Phadung Krungkasem

Bangkok, Venice of the East gets a new “E”

Since November 27, the first seven EV (electric vehicle) boats have been carrying passengers over five kilometres of Klong Phadung Krungkasem. The route covers 11 piers between Hua Lamphong train…

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The Thai NGO committed to saving Thailand’s trees celebrates 10 years of success

A shady story A decade after their first mission to stop a mature tree being felled, the Big Trees Project is celebrating its 10th anniversary with the “BigTrees Festival 2020”…

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Human rights Pichet dance

One dance to cover 7 human rights issues

Pichet Klunchun sets out to do the impossible with a specially created show to mark the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Can several complicated human rights issues…

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Once Bangkok’s dirtiest canal, the historic Ong Ang Canal is coming back. / Photos by Phoowadon Duangmee

Transformed Klong Ong Ang is a hit with urbanites

On a Friday evening, walking down from Damrong Sathit Bridge (Saphan Lek) on a newly constructed walkway lining the Ong Ang Canal, it’s hard to imagine that this used to be a smelly drain-cum-sewer avoided by the residents.  Once Bangkok’s dirtiest canal…

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Fine food under the curry tree

A noted Thai cook serves up his unique halal curries on a Bangkok street After serving halal food in Bangkok’s Charoen Krung Road for 90 years, the legendary Muslim Restaurant…

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How a small rural school tackles key education challenges

Today is not an ordinary day for pupils at Subdangsumpai School in Khon Kaen province. They have some special visitors, from educational channel ALTV, who arrived with fun learning activities….

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Peranakan revisited

No trip to Phuket is complete without experiencing and tasting the best of Baba Nyonya culture   While most people know Phuket for its white sandy beaches and luxury resorts,…

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Living the life as an expat in Thailand

For expats in Thailand, paradise can be full of pitfalls   Life in Thailand is a daily adventure for most expats, an obstacle course of delicious but fiery cuisine, locals’ laidback mai…

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Built on teak and rebellion 

The demolition of the 131-year-old former Bombay Burmah Trading building in Phrae province made for embarrassing headlines in June, with the Fine Arts Department forced to quick announcing that it would go all out to restore the heritage building from scratch using the original teak as…

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Ai Wei Wei

Ai Weiwei and the “monuments” of  the Year of Rat

The world-famous Chinese artist reflects on this geng zi year in his first solo exhibition in Thailand Some of the most exciting contemporary art is currently showing in Bangkok, with…

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Tom Jiew Nuea

No beef with this beef!

Massaman curry, often made with beef, may be one of the world’s most popular Thai dishes but Thai cuisine has many other tasty gems that merit sampling. If you love…

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Woman electrocuted as flood causes havoc in Thailand’s eastern provinces

An elderly woman has been electrocuted near her house, in the Aranyaprathet district of Thailand’s eastern province of Sa Kaew, as she was wading along a flooded lane without realizing…

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Eat, pray, hope

Phuket Vegetarian Festival makes the most meaningful comeback since the day it began 150 years ago.   History tells us that the Phuket Vegetarian Festival was first held to ward…

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Great escapes the ‘E’ way

It’s long been said that the best way to explore any rich cultural community is on foot or by bike. But long tours can be tiring especially in the tropical…

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Back to basics: how Covid-19 has changed our relationship with food

COVID-19’s appetite for swallowing up businesses has made everyone struggle and those who are escaping virtually unscathed are mainly new-generation food entrepreneurs who are taking advantage of what their predecessors…

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Pak Khlong Talad

In full [virtual] bloom

“Can you tell where the flowers come from just by looking at them on the stall?” Pornsomjai “Oy” Huadhoon, asks as she leads a group of visitors through Bangkok’s well-known…

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A cultural melting pot of learning

A learning centre for people of diversity, TK Park Yala is celebrating its 13th anniversary with a larger space and improved services. Located a stone’s throw from the current premises,…

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A Shan woman in traditional costume dances to celebrate the end of Vassa, the Buddhist Lent, in Mae Sariang, Mae Hong Son province.

Castles, lights and strange creatures

The spectacular Ork Wa Festival returns to the Shan-speaking communities of the small and sleepy town of Mae Sariang in Thailand’s Northern province of Mae Hong Son this month with…

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Sip your first coffee of the day on the Chalathat Beach in Songkhla.

When in Songkhla, eat like a local

What’s your typical routine when travelling to a new place, especially a beach city? Do you wake up to a room-service breakfast, take a morning stroll by the sea, then…

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Beat the COVID crisis and get hired – Advice for new graduates

The coronavirus pandemic has triggered an economic recession, with no sign of recovery in the near future. By the end of this year approximately 3-4 million people will be unemployed,…

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The old lady is preparing rare Malay-style salad for her customer.

A market made for munching

Mention Charoenkrung and images of one of Bangkok’s oldest neighbourhoods immediately springs to mind. The area is currently being revived as a Creative District and has become known for its…

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Preserving the rich Thai cultural heritage in the ‘new normal’

Almost 50 years have passed since Thai textiles, particularly Thai silk, and exquisite handcrafted treasures found their way back into the spotlight and all the credit for their revival must…

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International art festival set to return amid coronavirus

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, many events have been forced online. Bangkok Art Biennale (BAB) is about to become the exception, with the organizer deciding to make it…

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Matt Lucas finds a new world through Muay Thai

Kicking high into a new world

For some people, finding passion and true happiness in life can be a lifelong journey. American Matt Lucas found his through Muay Thai and moved to the sport’s motherland to…

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Yala’s secret sparkle

Mention must-see tourist attractions in the southern province of Yala and the ones that immediately spring to mind are the sea of morning mist at Ai Yoeweng, the Piyamit Tunnel…

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How to cook perfect rice every time: What uncle Roger didn’t say in his video

Just about every subject can be controversial in the digital era. This time, it’s the way rice is cooked. A video in which Malaysian comedian Nigel Ng, who goes by…

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Pop art icon’s works come to town

Had Andy Warhol not died prematurely in 1987, he would be turning 92 this August. He never came to Thailand and neither did his artworks, though his famous pieces like…

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“Chao Phraya Sky Park”: Bangkok’s new landmark

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has formally opened a new landmark, the Chao Phraya Sky Park, which straddles the Chao Phraya River, linking Bangkok with its sister city, Thonburi. The…

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Pichet Klunchun

Khon maestro Pichet delves deep into himself and his art in exhibition

Most Thais will recognize the name Pichet Klunchun but few will have seen this master of Khon (Thai classical dance) perform on stage and even fewer will understand the oneness…

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Juggling WFH and childcare amid the COVID-19 crisis – how mothers stay positive

The coronavirus has upended all our lives one way or another. The Government has imposed strict social distancing measures, one of which is the temporary closure of all nurseries and…

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Thousands of Muay Thai fighters have been left out of work by the coronavirus

Coronavirus KO: Thai fighters in despair as rings fall silent

Training in masks, two metres apart, Thailand’s professional fighters are battling a new reality — shuttered gyms and cancelled tournaments after the coronavirus pandemic left them suddenly out of work….

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The deserted street is seen at Siamsquare, which usually is crowded with tourists during a Songkran festival, after the government banned this festival amid fears of the spread of the COVID-19 in Bangkok, Thailand, April 13, 2020 REUTERS

Thais endure first-ever Songkran without family or fun 

The traditional family get-together for the April 13-15 Songkran holiday is extra special for Krissana Pongbhai – April 14 is also her birthday. However, this Thai New Year she will…

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Jongjai Kijsawaeng Cr.@JehJong

Thais show generosity and ingenuity to outwit deadly virus

As fear of catching Covid-19 grows, many Thais are doing what they can to help the country pull through this crisis – whether they are celebrities or just ordinary people…

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People practice social distancing as they sit on chairs spread apart in a waiting area for take-away food orders at a shopping mall in hopes of preventing the spread of the coronavirus in Bangkok, Thailand, Tuesday, March 24, 2020. (AP Photo/Sakchai Lalit)

Bangkok residents and living with ‘social distancing’

As much as they want to comply with the “stay at home” directive from the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, many people that Thai PBS World talked to admitted that their routine…

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Salinee Geasee

A daring mother who overcame Thai education’s obstacles

Sornsawan Geasee, 5, and her kid brother Thianravit Geasee, 3, must be wondering why their mother always acted weird in front of them. Instead of talking to them in Thai…

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Yuichiro Ono (left), Character Designer and Creator of Business Fish. He created many other characters including Masked Wrestler Q, Moai-kun, Mr. Egg, etc. That Achieved 698 million sticker downloads worldwide. His unique artstyle has become popular among Western and South East Asian users on Social Media.

Digital Stickers – From 2D artwork to creative communication

Every day, social media develops new ways to connect people in their daily lives. One of the latest trends is “Digital Stickers”. Usually, a sticker is a type of self-adhesive…

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Japanese long-stayers in Chiang Mai

Many retirees around the world dream about living their life in other countries, and Thailand is one of the best destinations. In Chiang Mai, there is a group of Japanese…

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Story of Japanese long-stayers in Chiang Mai

A lot of retirees plan to live in other countries, and Thailand is one of the best destinations for them. Thai PBS World met with the vice president of Chiang…

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A farmer examines his melon plants

Thailand’s “agriculture 4.0” – a dream come true?

Suwit Traichok, a 60-year-old melon producer, was the pioneer of Thailand’s young smart farmers. Despite having a promising career and a decent salary in a well-established organization, Thai Airways International,…

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Many hotels in Thailand have gone 100% plastic free.

Relive and Relearn

Here’s my confession. I have enough of the word ‘sustainability.’ Every time I came across that dreadful word, I mentally shut down. People are now saying too much of it….

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Cured by Scientific Quests and Honed Palates

There comes a time when challenges are big, but solutions are hidden in plain sights. Thailand as cheese producers? The myth has already been busted years ago when the first…

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An Un-Touristic Weekend in Nakhon Pathom

Oftentimes, revelation comes in an easy form. Just open your mind and chances are you will get a new perspective from even the things that you thought you had known…

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Traditional Thai massage get UNESCO heritage status

At Bangkok’s Reclining Buddha temple, Krairath Chantrasri says he is a proud custodian of an ancient skill — the body-folding, sharp-elbowed techniques of Thai massage, which was added Thursday to UNESCO’s prestigious…

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Foods at the Border: Cambodian Food

What’s better than enjoying a delicious Cambodian meal with Cambodian friend while you are in Cambodia? Let’s explore the flavours of Cambodia together.

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The Secrets of Yum Som O

The Secrets of Yum Som O   We all see the current trend of the ancient recipes being reawakened, studied, and appreciated. But while this is happening, the very ingredients…

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Southern and Under the Radar

There are theories about the eateries of the Thai South. The elongated strip of land that is known as the ‘axe-handle’ of Siam is flanked with two seas – the…

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Photo by Bench Accounting on Unsplash

Gen Y prefers NextGen work, NESDC finds

There is a growing number of Thais who prefer non-traditional ways of working rather than being a salary man sitting in an office full-time.   The Office of National Economic and…

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The Truth About Tempura

If you have been reading this column, you would have sensed that this writing person is obsessed with back stories. I find it inconceivable, in any sense, to understand things…

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Shaved Ice and Thai-Style Granita

As a confessed history buff, I couldn’t help looking around into what we have to eat, seeking possible linkages between the bites and the broader views of world’s stories. For…

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Hot, Sweet and Creamy

For those who grew up having the sweet treat of Kanom Krok as breakfast, this is a gem, although you will have to make it for a dinner treat. Old-school,…

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A colourful Krathong procession at Santi Chaiprakarn Park on Phra Arthit Road on Monday night.

Thais celebrate Loy Krathong Festival

Thai people across the country and tourists last night took part in Loy Krathong Festival.  They flooded temples and spots around lakes, rivers and canals to float Krathong to pay…

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PM reminds Loy Krathong celebrants to use environment-friendly floats

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has reminded everyone celebrating the Loy Krathong festival tonight of the need to protect the environment by using Krathong, the traditional floating baskets, made of only…

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What You Eat Matters

  Before we hate each other like we are now, we used to like or even love one another. Reading news of the recent times, one cannot feel the hatred…

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Jee Juan Curry

         There are situations that recall the lessons from the past. Questions arise, and we ask ourselves, what have we done to get here? With the new…

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D Gerrard : Hip hop is more than just music

Hip hop is one of the world’s most popular musical genres, especially in Thailand. A lot of teenagers today love to listen to songs that contain rap. Thai PBS World…

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Tai Yai Delicacies in Mae Hong Son

Tai Yai or Shan people are a predominant ethnic group in Mae Hong Son province north of Thailand. That makes the foods in this small, misty town unique and delicious….

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Biryani in Bangkok

          Biryani has always been a long staple in Bangkok. Used to be called “Khao Buri” after the early local pronunciation of the term, a real…

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Have a plant

Opting for less meat in a meal has a direct impact not just on your heart, but also your health. Let’s see here how a new perspective of eating well…

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Onsen Eggs of Phang-Nga

The hot spring trails of Phang-Nga in the south of Thailand provide perfect setting of a real, immersive relaxation. But this mountain-hemmed location also explains the myth of the onsen…

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Advice from digital nomads in Chiang Mai to the newcomers

In today’s world the tremendous advances in digital technologies have allowed people to work from anywhere in the world; by the seaside, up a mountain or near the tranquil river,…

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Heirloom Delicacies from the Heart of Bangkok

Creativity knows no boundaries. And leftover could be turned into a new, tasty, hearty dish. Case in point is the heirloom delicacies from Nai Lert’s family whose economically-wise recipes have…

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A Khon Reawakening

All glittering and gold, complete with contemporary anecdotes, modern, and many marvellous special effects, the royal-court-style Khon, or Khon Luang, which is the high art form of the traditional Thai…

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Curry and Rice – A Tasty Epitome of Thai Cuisine

If you have just one meal in Thailand, curry and rice or Khao Gaeng should be the one to try. If you are into the real, traditional ways of Thai…

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Life with ‘Fish Koey’

Fish Koey, one of the most popular food’s ingrediant in Thailand. What is fish Koey? How to make it? How to find it? And in what dishes can Koey be…

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A messy way to enjoy art

Mess around and have some fun to release your creativity with painting in Singapore art studio.

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