11 July 2024

Today is Loy Krathong Day. For those who are unable to visit places to celebrate, some agencies are offering the option to float krathongs (festive baskets) online.

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA): https://loykratong-ongang.web.app

Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt mentioned that all the krathongs floated via the app will be displayed on a projector set up at Ong Ang Canal tonight. People can join the festival with the BMA from 5pm today.

The Culture Ministry: https://ecard.m-culture.go.th/
In addition to floating krathongs online, people can send “Loy Krathong cards” to their friends.

Sanook: https://season.sanook.com/loykrathong/share/127274/
When floating krathongs with Sanook, people are able to design their own and choose the materials, such as banana leaves, ice, flowers or coconut shells. The website also provides knowledge and information about the festival.

M THAI: https://mthai.com/loykrathong/170092876321
M THAI offers a variety of krathongs, enabling people to choose the provinces where they would like to float them.

The Old Siam Plaza: https://theoldsiam.co.th/loykrathong
People are invited to celebrate online with The Old Siam Plaza, to reduce waste, which city cleaners have to collect in the morning, according to their statement.

Map Longdo: https://map.longdo.com/loykrathong/
Here you can choose the provinces where they would like to float their krathong and the design you prefer, such as for cat lovers or singles.