6 June 2024

When it comes to the world of horror manga, few names evoke the dread and fascination as Junji Ito. His eerie and unsettling stories, filled with grotesque imagery and macabre themes, have left a lasting mark on fans of the genre. 

Junji Ito’s name is synonymous with horror and his works are celebrated worldwide for their terrifying narratives and grotesque art. His stories have inspired countless readers, artists and creators, making him a cult figure in the horror genre. 

Junji Ito’s stories often draw inspiration from traditional Japanese folklore and supernatural elements, but they also incorporate his unique and modern approach to horror. 

While his works may not always directly feature traditional Japanese ghosts, they share common themes and elements with traditional Japanese horror and ghost stories.

After Junji Ito became a renowned master of horror manga, a team of visionaries sought to take Ito’s brand of terror to the next level by bringing his stories to life through an immersive experience – the Junji Ito Horror House.

This is an opportunity for Thai people to explore this unique horror attraction and the terrifying journey at ‘Junji Ito Horror House in Thailand 2023’, an immersive and spine-tingling experience which brings the artist’s nightmares to life. 

Junji Ito’s Horror House is a horror-themed attraction that brings the artist’s terrifying stories to life. The concept was born out of a desire to provide fans with an opportunity to step into the nightmarish world he creates in his manga. 

Visitors to Junji Ito’s Horror House can expect a truly immersive and chilling experience. The attraction is set up as a walkthrough maze, taking participants on a journey through various iconic scenes and characters from Ito’s manga. 

As they progress through the maze, they encounter horrifying scenarios and eerie encounters that mimic the unsettling atmosphere of his works.

There are 2 zones in the ‘Junji Ito Horror House’: Zone A is the story of Tomie and zone B is the story of Soichi. In these zones you cannot use your camera to take photos or video, as we have to hold the rope tight in one line to walk through this horror house, which takes around 10 minutes.

For people who are brave enough to enter, the Junji Ito Horror House is here to provide you with a thrilling, chilling and unforgettable journey until December 31st at MBK Center.

By Kitipat Chuensukjit