Thai Treasury Department cancels water pipeline contract signing ceremony

The Treasury Department abruptly cancelled the planned contract signing ceremony yesterday (Tuesday), between the department and the Wong Siam Construction Company, which won the bid to manage the water pipeline…

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OPINION: Thailand and NGOs both need transparency

At the latest Thai cabinet meeting, on Dec 28th, the draft bill on so-called Not-for-Profit Organisations was withdrawn at the last minute. The bill will now be considered after the…

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Full disclosure demanded over distribution of 1.5m doses of donated Pfizer vaccine

Former Pheu Thai MP Dr. Tossaporn Serirak is demanding full disclosure of the distribution of the 1.5 million doses of Pfizer mRNA vaccine, donated to Thailand by the United States….

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Officials told to ensure transparency at Saturday’s Jana industrial estate hearing

The Southern Border Provinces Administration Centre (SBPAC) has been told to allow all stakeholders, both supporters and opponents of the Jana industrial estate project, to participate in the public hearing…

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photo from ACT Facebook

ACT calls for transparency from the National Hazardous Substances Committee on three controversial herbicides decision

The Anti-Corruption Organization of Thailand (ACT) has joined the anti-paraquat bandwagon with its call for all parties concerned to take a clear stand on the three controversial herbicides, paraquat, glyphosate…

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