Thai sour curry ‘Kaeng Som’ among the worst dishes? Maybe not…

The Thai foodie community was recently in an uproar after a website published a listicle article in which  “Kaeng Som” (sour curry) was named as among the world’s top 20…

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Thailand to use the “5Fs” of soft power to promote tourism this year

Thailand plans to make full use of its soft power, which includes Thai boxing and food, in the hope of attracting more tourists to visit Thailand this year. Acting Government…

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Spicy Fish Salad at Khao Kwan. (Photo by Veena Thoopkrajae)

Floral feast in Thai fine dining

A simple yet very effective way of elevating any culinary is to add a splash of color with edible flowers. This is applied to both savory and sweets including drinks….

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American style breakfast set, fried rice

Fried rice gets a superstar boost

Thanks to Chinese singer Jackson Wang, one Thai rice dish has suddenly become a hot favorite. Wang revealed his love for American fried rice (Khao Pad American in Thai), which…

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Pad Thai officially included in Oxford dictionary

Thailand has found another source of pride as its traditional dish “Pad Thai” has been included on the Oxford Dictionary website. Pad Thai has been defined as “a dish from…

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Freshly fried Pad Thai at Thai Park in Berlin, Germany.

A True Taste of Thailand … in Berlin

The call would go out the moment officials were spotted nearing the informal market. Vendors would quickly unfurl the parasols and hide them under the mats before quickly walking away,…

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Khanom-Tokyo with sweet filling. (Photo by By Charles Haynes)

What’s in a name? Thai favourites that hint at coming from elsewhere

Many Thai dishes that are, well, quintessentially Thai, have been given foreign names over the years. Take American fried rice, for example, which despite its name doesn’t hail from the…

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Thai massaman beef curry.

So when did you last eat this Thai curry?

Massaman may be once again top CNN’s “The World’s Best Food” list but it’s far from being an everyday dish for Thais Thailand can raise a toast to its culinary…

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Thailand summer cuisine
(Photo by Raimond Klavins on Unsplash)

Cooling down in the summer heat

A look at some of the best known and rare Thai dishes that scream out for eating in the hottest season When the temperature soars, most of us make for…

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Jee Juan Curry

         There are situations that recall the lessons from the past. Questions arise, and we ask ourselves, what have we done to get here? With the new…

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Life with ‘Fish Koey’

Fish Koey, one of the most popular food’s ingrediant in Thailand. What is fish Koey? How to make it? How to find it? And in what dishes can Koey be…

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