Hua Khon Pra with a calm and graceful look./ Photo by and Phoowadon Duangmee and Chusri Ngamprasert

The making of history

Glittering costumes, intriguing stories, stunning music, graceful dance, acrobatic movements, spectacular battle scenes and a myriad dazzling masks all make the masked dance drama known as Khon one of Thailand’s…

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Human rights Pichet dance

One dance to cover 7 human rights issues

Pichet Klunchun sets out to do the impossible with a specially created show to mark the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Can several complicated human rights issues…

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Pichet Klunchun

Khon maestro Pichet delves deep into himself and his art in exhibition

Most Thais will recognize the name Pichet Klunchun but few will have seen this master of Khon (Thai classical dance) perform on stage and even fewer will understand the oneness…

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