Linda Lines

Hua Hin through the eyes of an English poet

Linda Lines ran a financial management company, ‘The Lines Partnership’, in the City of London for 22 years. She then sold her business and started to follow her passion for…

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After Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok has the most affordable monthly rent for a 1-bedroom city centre property, at £451, and a meal costs just £2.11. (Photo by Andreas Brücker)

Survey – Bangkok among 5 best cities for expats to live and work in 2022

Bangkok has been ranked 5th among the world’s top 10 cities for expats to live and work this year, according to the global expat index by the online language learning platform…

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12 Signs that show you’ve been in Thailand for a long time

Things are very different from the days when you first arrived in Thailand. Back then, you questioned those “weird” lifestyle quirks and experienced culture shock at the local myths and…

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No vote but strong opinions: Bangkok expats ponder governor election

Most expatriates in Bangkok have no right to vote in the May 22 gubernatorial election, yet the outcome affects their everyday lives just as much as those of other residents….

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Thailand’s entry fee will be imposed on every foreigner landing on Thai soil, including expats and migrant workers. However, it will be waived for foreign workers who have to cross the border daily. (Photo by Mladen ANTONOV / AFP)

Thailand’s new entry fee – boon or bust for tourism?

While the Land of Smiles will be just as welcoming, from April it will also be charging every foreigner an entry fee of Bt300 if the government’s plan goes ahead….

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Photo from Facebook page “ยัน มาร์ฉัล – Yan Marchal”

Long-time French expat and satirist deported and blacklisted by Thai authorities

A French expatriate, well known for his Tiktok political parodies of Thailand’s military junta, government and monarchy, was forced to fly back to France late last night after he was…

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(Photo by the Airports of Thailand)

Government makes bold move to woo wealthy, highly skilled foreigners

Labor experts and investors are throwing their support behind the government’s move to lure one million wealthy expats and highly skilled professionals on long-stay visas, but netizens are worried about…

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Children Thailand

Raising a Child in Thailand from a Foreign Perspective

Living in a foreign country entails scores of challenges. While single expats may argue that the thrills and adventures far outweigh the struggles, those with children in tow discover that…

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(Photo by Tuwaedaniya MERINGING / AFP)

Confusion reigns as Thailand’s 3 million expats wait for their shots

Many government figures have announced that all 3 million of Thailand’s foreign residents can join the mass COVID-19 vaccine drive, provided they check arrangements before popping up at inoculation venues…

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Living the life as an expat in Thailand

For expats in Thailand, paradise can be full of pitfalls   Life in Thailand is a daily adventure for most expats, an obstacle course of delicious but fiery cuisine, locals’ laidback mai…

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Toilet paper, flour, sugar and spaghetti have become a rare sight on some shelves as shops in many cities in Germany are hit by panic buying.

In Germany, Thai expats feel the pain of lockdown

Like many of the 80,000 Thais living in Germany, Nattaporn Wolf was worried when Covid-19 began spreading across the world. She has been monitoring news about the virus ever since…

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