11 July 2024

Bangkok has been ranked 5th among the world’s top 10 cities for expats to live and work this year, according to the global expat index by the online language learning platform Preply.

The survey assesses 60 popular expat destinations using 11 relevant relocation metrics, including the average monthly salary, how safe the area is, the average length of time to learn the language fluently, the cost of living, income tax, connectivity, leisure activities and more.

Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia came out on top, thanks to its affordable living costs and many leisure opportunities, followed by Tbilisi in Georgia, Lisbon in Portugal, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, and Bangkok Thailand.

The report shows that the cost of living as an expat is relatively high in Bangkok, at £1,725, and the average monthly salary after tax is £492. After Kuala Lumpur, however, Bangkok has the most affordable monthly rent for a 1-bedroom city centre property, at £451, and a meal costs just £2.11.