This handout picture courtesy of the White House taken on April 13, shows US President Joe Biden (C) meeting with members of the National Security team regarding the unfolding missile attacks on Israel from Iran, in the White House Situation Room, in Washington, DC.//AFP

Biden says US helped Israel down nearly all Iran attacks

Washington, United States – President Joe Biden said US forces helped Israel shoot down nearly all the drones and missiles fired by Iran Saturday, but appeared to guide the key US…

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Myanmar resistance asks US for US$500 million in non-lethal aid

Myanmar’s armed resistance groups are asking the US government for over half a billion dollars in humanitarian and non-lethal aid to help them oust the country’s military regime, including money…

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Firefighters work after a drone attack on buildings in Kyiv, Ukraine, Monday, Oct. 17, 2022. Waves of explosive-laden suicide drones struck Ukraine’s capital as families were preparing to start their week early Monday, the blasts echoing across Kyiv, setting buildings ablaze and sending people scurrying to shelters. (AP Photo/Roman Hrytsyna)

Suicide drones strike fear in Ukraine’s capital, killing 4

Waves of explosives-laden suicide drones struck Ukraine’s capital Monday, setting buildings ablaze, tearing a hole in one of them and sending people scurrying for cover or trying to shoot them…

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Royal Thai Navy chooses Israeli-made Hermes 900 Kochav drones

Israel-based Elbit Systems has won an international bid to supply the Royal Thai Navy with seven Hermes 900 Kochav drones (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) at a cost of about four billion…

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38 infections linked to Thachilek cluster recorded so far

A total of 38 COVID-19 infections, linked to Thai returnees from Myanmar’s Thachilek township, have been reported so far in seven provinces, with Chiang Rai having the most at 26….

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Drones used to find two elephants which climbed out of Haew Narok waterfall ravine

Park officials have deployed drones to search for two wild elephants, which climbed out of the ravine at Haew Narok waterfall in Khao Yai national park, after officials delivered a…

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HM the King tours the capital in Liap Phranakhon procession

His Majesty the King’s main activity today (Sunday) is the Liap Phranakhon ritual in which the King, riding in a decorated palanquin, will tour the city around Rattanakosin Island to…

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