HM the King tours the capital in Liap Phranakhon procession

His Majesty the King’s main activity today (Sunday) is the Liap Phranakhon ritual in which the King, riding in a decorated palanquin, will tour the city around Rattanakosin Island to give people the opportunity to pay their respects  and express their best wishes to their new King.

Hours before the scheduled start of the Royal procession at 4.30 pm, tens of thousands of people in yellow shirts, the King’s colour, filled the Liap Phranakhon route, braving the hot summer sunshine,.

To ensure the health of the audience, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has deployed hundreds of officials with first-aid kits. Water-spraying machines have also been set up at intervals along the route to cool the participants.

The route of the Liap Phranakhon is from the Grand Palace to Na Phra Lan road, into Tanao road before moving toward Wat Bovornanives, where the Royal palanquin will make a brief stop in front of the temple to allow the King to pay homage to the main Buddha image.

The procession then moves on along Phra Sumain road into Ratchadamnoen road, Atsadang and Bamrung Muang roads.  The Royal palanquin stops in front of Wat Rajabopidh where the King pays respect to the main Buddha image inside.

Then the procession leaves Wat Rajabopidh to Fuang Nakhon road and into Charoen Krung road.  Again, the Royal palanquin makes another stop in front of Wat Chetuphon to allow the King to pay homage to the main Buddha image.

The procession then leaves Wat Chetuphon along Thai Wang road heading back to the Grand Palace through the Visesjayasri Gate to Abhorn Bimok pavilion.

At night, there will be a light and sound display, in place of the traditional fireworks, followed by a spectacular display by 300 illuminated drones.

Public transport, including the sky train service, is free throughout the 3-day Coronation Ceremony which is due to end tomorrow.


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