“I am now a Thai citizen” … Mong Thongdee finally gets Thai ID card

Mong Thongdee has finally received his Thai ID card issued to him on Friday by the Muang district of Chiang Mai. A stateless son of migrant workers from Myanmar was…

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After nine years of waiting, Mong Thongdee finally gets Thai citizenship

Stateless Mong Thongdee’s dream of Thai citizenship has finally been fulfilled when Chiang Mai governor approved his application for citizenship, ending his nine years of waiting. In his Facebook post…

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Mong’s dream of getting citizenship one step closer to reality

Mong Thongdee’s dream of becoming a Thai citizen is one step closer to reality after the Local Administration Department approved his citizenship application. The stateless man born to Myanmar migrant…

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Mong Thongdee wins paper plane championship

Mong Thongdee, who won Thailand paper plane championship nine years ago when he was 12,  won the Thailand paper plane championship in the general individual category at Muang Thong Thani…

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Mong’s hope of citizenship brightens after receiving 3 letters of certification

Mong Thongdee’s hope of getting Thai citizenship is one step closer to reality as he has now received three letters of certification which are crucial in proving his contributions to…

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9 years on, Mong Thongdee still hopes for Thai citizenship

Remember the little stateless boy born to a family of Myanmar migrant workers in Chiang Mai who won Thai people’s hearts with his superb paper plane skills back in 2009? …

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