Korat school uses drone to chase herons away

A school in Nakhon Ratchasima’s Soeng Sang district has resorted to using a drone in an attempt to chase away thousands of herons, which have occupied a forest close to…

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Increase in mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases predicted due to global warming

Global warming has increased the number of mosquitoes, because a rise in mean temperature of just 1oC speeds up their life cycle, from egg to an adult, to just slightly…

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Thai parents advised to watch for measles in their young children

Seventy-nine people, mostly young children, have been infected with the highly infectious measles virus since the beginning of this year, but there have been no fatalities, according to the Disease…

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Emergency operations centre set up to monitor Monkeypox situation in Thailand

Thailand’s Disease Control Department has set up an emergency operations centre to keep a close watch on the Monkeypox situation, which has now spread to 15 countries. The department’s director-general,…

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Increased Malaria risk if raising monkeys or venturing into forests in Thailand

The Disease Control Department has issued a warning to people raising monkeys or living on the fringes of forests of an increased risk of contracting Plasmodium Knowlesi Malaria, the most…

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China reports new virus cases, raising concern globally before key holiday

BEIJING (Reuters) – China reported four more cases of pneumonia believed to be caused by a new coronavirus strain, causing rising concern globally that a disease health officials do not…

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