11 July 2024

Thailand’s Land Transport Department has decided to extend the July 15th deadline for GrabBike (Win) riders to operate, without registering as public transport operators, by two more months, while urging those who wish to continue providing their motorcycle taxi service to register and change their license plates.

The move follows a demand made last week by GrabBike riders for an extension to the deadline, to allow time for the authorities to come up with new measures or a new law to recognise app-based motorcycle taxi services.

GrabBike riders, estimated at 10,000 nationwide, can self-register via this link until July 26th.

After registration, the Land Transport Department will hold discussions with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), the Metropolitan Police Bureau and relevant agencies to work out measurers to regulate the riders’ service, on the basis that the service will be legalised and all riders will have to change their private vehicle license plates to those used for public transport.

Grab Thailand Executive Director Worachat Luxkanalode said today (Tuesday) that they are ready to act as a go-between in the promotion and support of Thai people who wish to make use of their private vehicles to provide an app-based motorcycle taxi service to the public.

As a company which introduced this kind of public transport service in Bangkok, he said his company will cooperate with relevant agencies to ensure that the service will continue to serve commuters and will help its riders to apply for registration.

Numerous GrabBike (Win) riders have expressed their objection to the Land Transport Department’s decision, requiring them to change their license plates, claiming that the process is complicated.  They also insist that applying for a public transport driver’s license should be sufficient.