6 June 2024

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin claimed today that he was not aware of former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s recent meetings with representatives of Myanmar’s opposition groups and insisted Thailand is open to talks with all sides in the conflict-torn country.

Speaking to reporters at the Government House, Srettha said as an immediate neighbour of Myanmar, Thailand has the legitimacy to initiate talks within the framework ASEAN’s “five-point consensus”.

“I don’t know whether there were such talks. But I believe that everybody harbours good intention for the country,” he said when asked about reports that Thaksin had held talks with representatives from armed groups fighting against the military government in Myanmar.

Srettha insisted that the Thailand’s Foreign Ministry and security agencies have been talking to all groups in Myanmar.  “But it is supposed to be confidential,” he said.

The prime minister said Thailand is strictly following the ASEAN’s consensus to help resolve the crisis Myanmar.

Newly-appointed Foreign Minister Maris Sangiampongsa said earlier today that he is not worried over reports that Thaksin has met with representatives of Myanmar’s opposition groups.

Thaksin acted in his own capacity when he held discussions with Myanmar rebel groups fighting the military junta, he said.