Thai Politics Explained

A guide to Thailand’s next Senate and ‘the most complicated election in the world’

After the 250 junta-appointed senators complete their five-year term on May 10, they will be replaced by a 200-member Senate elected from thousands of candidates via a complex voting system…

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Experts see three flaws that could end in tragedy for Move Forward

The Move Forward Party has been on the defensive ever since its shock election victory in May. The party has taken what many observers describe as “political missteps” that may…

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Interview with Korn Chatikavanij

In “Talking Politics”, the leader of Chartpattanakla Party shares his political insight and vision as Thailand prepares for a general election.

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“100” VS “500”: What is the fuss all about?

Now that the bill that would benefit small political parties with a greater chance of winning party list MP seats in the next general elections has been killed, things will…

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Thailand’s exclusion from global Democracy Summit ‘a warning sign’ to Prayut’s govt

Thailand is not among the 111 countries invited by US President Joe Biden to attend the “Summit for Democracy” he will host in early December. For government critics and opposition…

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A closer look at the King’s 2 Regiments now in protesters’ sights

Anti-establishment protesters have raised the ante in their ongoing protests for reform of the monarchy, by targeting HM the King’s finances and links with the Army. On November 25, they…

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October 14 Uprising

How a student-led protest in 1973 toppled the authoritarian Thanom regime and ushered in a new political era.

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Meet a young activist at the forefront of Thailand’s latest protests

There have been so many political conflicts in Thailand, and the latest one is being led by a few groups of young people. One leader of which is 23 years…

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The ‘Penguin’ who won’t back down

How the young activist has managed to “lift the ceiling” on Thailand’s most sensitive issue.

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The girl with the 10-point manifesto

How the student activist rattles the establishment with a demand for radical changes.

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Anond…breaking the taboo

Anond…breaking the taboo. How a human rights lawyer catapults himself to the forefront of anti-establishment protests

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What do the students want?

What do the students want? What drives the student-led protests that have spread cross the country

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