11 July 2024

The cool season in Thailand is now officially over, as the country officially enters summer today (Wednesday), according the Thai Meteorological Department.

Most of the northern part of Thailand will be hot, with temperatures forecast to be at least 35oC which could soar to as high as 43oC  in some areas, as the north-eastern monsoon winds change south-easterly, indicative of the arrival of the dry season, said the department.

During the initial stage of the dry season, however, some areas in northern and north-eastern regions will continue to experience cold weather in the mornings for a while and occasional rain is forecast.

They also forecast that the maximum average temperatures this dry season are going to be around 35oC , which is lower than normal, but slightly higher than last year.  Average rainfall this year is expected to be between 10-20% more than normal.

Freak summer storms are anticipated in several areas. From mid-April until May, when the dry season is expected to end, there will be rain storms in the northern parts of the country.