Warm summer anticipated after February, upwards of 40°C in some areas

Thailand’s dry season is forecast to begin at the end of February, 1-2 weeks later than normal, but average temperatures will be higher than last year, reaching 40-43°C in some…

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Sun will be directly over Thailand on Wednesday, but not the hottest day

The sun will be directly over Thailand at 12.16pm this Wednesday, but it will not be the hottest day, according to the Meteorological Department. The department’s Director of central weather…

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Unusual high pressure system from China brings summer chill to parts of Thailand

People in Bangkok and most other parts of the country woke up this morning feeling as if they are in the middle of the cold season, instead of what is…

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Photo created by tawatchai07 / www.freepik.com

Thailand officially enters summer on Wednesday

The cool season in Thailand is now officially over, as the country officially enters summer today (Wednesday), according the Thai Meteorological Department. Most of the northern part of Thailand will…

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(photo by Sasin Tipchai)

Beating the summer heat

Experts offer some tips on how people can avoid the dangers associated with a sweaty summer day Summer has officially come to Thailand. The season is the best time for…

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