6 June 2024

The rainy season officially arrived in Thailand yesterday and will last until mid-October, during which one or two tropical storms are expected to hit north-eastern and northern regions in August or September, according to the Meteorological Department.

The amount of rainfall this year is forecast to be normal, or about one percent more than last year.

Rain will become more frequent from late May until the middle of June, covering 40%-60% of the entire country, with isolated heavy rain in some areas, especially in eastern, southern and western parts of the country, where up to 80% will experience rain.

From mid-June to mid-July, the amount of rain will reduce and areas which have no access to irrigation system may experience water shortages.

More rain is forecast from August until September, covering 60%-80% of the country, with isolated heavy rain in some areas, resulting in flash floods and watercourse overflows.

The cold season is expected to arrive in October, starting in the northern and north-eastern regions, and rain is expected to taper off. Isolated heavy rainfall will continue in some areas of the central, eastern and southern regions in October.