Continuous rain caused increasing problems in Thap Lan national park

Continued downpours hitting Thap Lan National Park in Prachin Buri province have damaged fencing many places and officials are rushing to repair them, to prevent wild animals venturing out of…

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Three new water management measures adopted to cope with El Niño

Three new water management measures were adopted at a meeting of the National Water Command Centre today (Wednesday), in anticipation of a prolonged drought after the rainy season this year,…

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Dry season expected to end next Monday with the arrival of rainy season

Thailand looks set to enter this year’s rainy season next Monday. It will last through to mid-October and signals the end of the long hot summer, with a forecast for…

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Bangkok’s seasonal floods reveal the problem of short-term thinking

With more heavy downpours forecast through the remaining rainy season, there is both good news and bad news for Thailand residents worried about floods. On the bright side, authorities and…

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Satellite images show widespread flooding in Thailand’s northeast

The Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (GISTDA) has released images, taken on August 24th by the Sentinel-1 satellite, of flooding covering 20,800 hectares of land in the north-eastern region of…

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Thailand to enter rainy season in mid-May

Thailand will enter its rainy season around the end of the second week of May and it will last until mid-October, with a temporary break from mid-June to mid-July, due…

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Thailand officially enters rainy season this Saturday

Thailand will officially enter the rainy season this Saturday, with more rain than last year and rainfall over the entire season anticipated to be 5%-10% more than average, said Meteorological…

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Pa Sak Jolasid Dam / Cr.

Rainy season expected to arrive prematurely in early May

Thailand’s irrigation officials have been told to brace for possible flooding, as the rainy season is expected to arrive sooner than normal this year, possibly in early May, and more…

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Thailand’s rainy season officially begins May 18th

Thailand officially enters the rainy season tomorrow (Monday), said Meteorological Department director-general Squadron Leader Somsak Khaosuwan today. Citing a meteorological model, he said that the rainy season this year will…

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Rainy season to start next week

After more than two months of unusually hot weather in most parts of the country, which saw temperatures rise to over 40 degrees Celsius in several northern and northeastern provinces,…

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