Cattlemen who killed tigers at national park surrender, say they killed their cows

Four cattle farmers, wanted by the police for allegedly killing two tigers in Thong Pha Phum national park in Thailand’s western province of Kanchanaburi, have explained that they shot the…

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Former senior naval officer surrenders to Sattahip police

Dismissed former senior naval officer, Captain Alongkorn Ploddee, surrendered to police in Sattahip district yesterday (Friday) to acknowledge four charges filed against him. Police had sought and were granted, by…

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Israeli tourist escaping quarantine in Bangkok hotel to surrender to police

An Israeli tourist, who escaped from quarantine in Bangkok hotel and travelled to several provinces while the RT-PCR test result was pending, has offered to surrender to Thai police on…

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Ms. Pareena surrenders Sor Por Kor land she occupied

Palang Pracharat MP Pareena Kraikupt surrendered the 109 hectares of Sor Por Kor (land reform) land on which her chicken farm was built, to the Agricultural Land Reform Office. In…

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