Will Bua Noi finally leave her cage in Bangkok mall after global outcry?

Bua Noi, Thailand’s last gorilla, is ironically attracting big crowds after an account of her life spent caged in a Bangkok department store made domestic and international headlines. International organizations…

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Monkey business and the battle over Thailand’s multibillion-baht coconut industry

For more than a century, Thai southerners have raised and trained monkeys to climb high trees and collect ripe coconuts for them. However, this traditional way of life is now…

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PETA warns of class action lawsuit if coconut labelling system promise not kept

PETA has welcomed the Thai Commerce Ministry’s use of a traceable labelling system, intended to ensure that Thai coconuts are not harvested by monkeys, but warned that Thai companies exporting…

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PETA accused of cultural racism and double-standards

US-based animal rights protection group PETA has been accused of double standards and cultural racism after it claimed that the use of monkeys in harvesting coconuts in Thailand is cruel,…

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UK supermarkets may ban Thai coconut products over use of monkeys

The Thai Animals Protection Association has urged the Commerce and Agriculture ministries to issue a clarification to British retailers quickly about the use of pigtailed macaques in the harvesting of…

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