Pheu Thai cries foul over EC’s endorsement of 149 party-list MPs

Immediately after the Election Commission (EC) approved a list of 149 party-list MPs today, the pro-Thaksin Pheu Thai party announced that it would explore all possible legal channels to take…

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Charter Court says party-list seat election law calculation constitutional

The Constitutional Court has ruled unanimously that Article 128 of the MP Election Act, regarding the calculation of the 150 party-list seat allocation, is constitutional as it does not conflict with Article 91 of the…

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The EC will consider three formulae in party-list seat calculation

The Election Commission’s Office will this week submit to the Election Commission (EC) 2 or 3 formulae options for the calculation of the 150 party-list seats to be allocated to…

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Ombudsman to consider call to nullify March-24 election

The Ombudsman’s Office will tomorrow discuss a request by a former party-list candidate of the disbanded Thai Raksa Chart party for the March 24th election to be nullified for breach of the Constitution and the…

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Charter Court rejects EC’s request for ruling on party-list seat calculation

The Constitutional Court has rejected the Election Commission’s request for it to rule on the formula to be used to calculate the allocation of 150 party-least seats among parties contesting…

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Ex-charter write insists there is only one formula to calculate party-list seats

A former constitution writer and election commissioner said today that there is only one formula for the calculation of the party-list seat allocation and that it is stipulated in the…

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