In defense of Thai males’ parallel universe

Thai men have deservedly received a fair share of “male chauvinism” criticism. But that cannot be the only reason why domestic abuse cases featuring them as victims have never made…

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When one is in a potentially abusive relationship, there will inevitably be an incident that raises a red flag. And if one sees a sign, the best reaction is to try to get help and walk away from an abusive partner. (Photo by Anete Lusina)

What can we learn from Depp-Heard case

The courtroom drama between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard offers food for thought for Thais, should a famous Thai man and his former partner ever go head-to-head before the judges…

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Quote of the Week

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Survey shows 75% of Thai women experience domestic violence more than once

75% of women in Thailand are experiencing more than one domestic violence incident and 52.2% of the victims respond in kind against the perpetrators, according to an opinion survey, conducted…

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Smoking at home may be treated as domestic violence and subject to punishment

Smoking at home may be subject to legal punishment if it can be proven that his/her smoking habit is harmful to the health of the other people in the house,…

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