Former Thai prime ministerial candidate and ex-Move Forward Party leader Pita Limjaroenrat poses for a photograph during an interview with AFP in Bangkok on November 9, 2023. Thwarted Thai election winner Pita Limjaroenrat vowed November 9 to run for prime minister again, defying conservative forces that blocked him from the job earlier in the year and despite a looming court case. (Photo by MANAN VATSYAYANA / AFP)

Thwarted Thai PM candidate Pita vows to run again

Thwarted Thai election winner Pita Limjaroenrat vowed Thursday to run for prime minister again, defying conservative forces that blocked him from the job earlier in the year and despite a…

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Sacked Move Forward MP claims he is a victim of internal party politics

Move Forward MP for Prachin Buri, Wuttiphong Thonglour, claimed today that he was a victim of internal politics, after he had tried to expose alleged corruption by an assistant to…

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Bangkok MP Chaiyamparwaan Manpianjit (L) and Prachin Buri MP Wutthipong Thonglao (R) are found guilty of sexual harassment.

Move Forward found its two MPs guilty of sexual harassment

The opposition Move Forward party has decided to expel one of its MPs, Wutthipong Thonglao, an MP for Prachin Buri, after he was found to have committed an act of…

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Thai military personnel guards convenience stores damaged after an attack, in Cho-airong district in southern Thailand’s Narathiwat province, on August 17, 2022. (Photo by Madaree Tohlala / AFP)

Pheu Thai MP supports closure of Internal Security Operations Command

A senior Pheu Thai MP has voiced support for a bill, proposed by the Move Forward party, calling for the dissolution of Thailand’s Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC). Adisorn Piengkes,…

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Paetongtarn on course to becoming third Shinawatra to lead Thailand

Paetongtarn Shinawatra’s rise to the helm of the ruling Pheu Thai Party is being seen as preparation for her to become prime minister – either if the top job is…

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Photo : Treaties and Legal Affairs Department, Thai Foreign Ministry

Thai government tweaks strategy for joint extraction of petroleum resources with Cambodia

The government under Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin has proposed an adjustment to the negotiation strategy with Cambodia on the overlapping claims areas (OCA) in the Gulf of Thailand, according to…

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PM did not suggest he will step down to pave way for Paetongtarn : Phumtham

After she was elected Pheu Thai’s new leader yesterday (Friday), Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin’s comment about Paetongtarn Shinawatra now being qualified to be the next prime minister of Thailand was…

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Paetongtarn Shinawatra, new Pheu Thai leader

Pheu Thai will “keep eyes on the star and feet on the ground” :  Paetongtarn 

The Pheu Thai party, under its new leadership, will keep its eyes on the stars and its feet on the ground, while standing shoulder to shoulder with the people, said…

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File photo : Move Forward deputy leader Sirikanya Tansakul

Government may not find funding for digital wallet – Move Forward

The adjustments to the digital wallet scheme, as proposed by an ad hoc sub-committee, are an indication that the government is encountering problems in securing the estimated Bt560 billion needed…

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How Thailand’s seven-decade submarine dream hit the rocks and sank

The Royal Thai Navy’s dream of acquiring its first submarine in over seven decades has been shattered once again. Defense Minister Sutin Klungsang announced last Friday that the Thai government…

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Photo shows Thai PM Srettha Thavisin (L) and Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (R).

Thailand’s prime minister and the colorful history of sock diplomacy

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin’s unconventional fashion statements have drawn criticism after he wore bright-colored socks to meetings with world leaders last week. The Thai PM appeared in bubblegum-pink socks and…

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Deputy Finance Minister Julapun Amornvivat

Thailand’s “digital wallet” scheme not copy of 1999 Japanese model

Deputy Finance Minister Julapun Amornvivat has dismissed a suggestion that the Pheu Thai party’s digital wallet scheme is a copy of the Japanese model, introduced in 1999, which was in…

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Defence Minister Sutin Klungsang

Defence minister to testify to House committee on submarine deal

Thailand’s Defence Minister Sutin Klungsang said today (Monday) that he is ready to explain, to the House Military Affairs Committee, his decision to switch from procuring a submarine from China…

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Inside the protest group mounting first big challenge to Thailand’s new government

Hundreds of protesters have been demonstrating in front of Government House since October 3, calling on the new administration to address 10 demands to improve the lives of marginalized groups…

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Thai PM will meet with Putin in Beijing on Wednesday

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin will hold a side-line meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin during his visit to Beijing. Srettha told a press conference on Monday, after the Cabinet meeting,…

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The new generation of Thai pro-democracy campaigners has an agenda that may differ from that of their predecessors.

Why democracy-hungry new generation is disappointed with some Octobrists

The young generation of activists are imbibing the spirit of the October 1973 student uprising to take up the torch in the struggle for democracy. But they are also disappointed…

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Some of the Octobrists in power (from left) Deputy Prime Minister Phumtham Wechayachai, PM’s Secretary General Prommin Lertsuridej, Pheu Thai MP Chaturon Chaisang and Pheu Thai MP Adisorn Piengkes

Octobrists are in power, but still committed to advancing democracy?

Many of the activists who participated in the October 1973 student uprising have managed to return to the corridors of power after the May 14 election this year, but they…

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The “October spirit” and Thailand’s slow democratic transition

Every October in Thailand, public events are held to remember the two massacres of anti-dictatorship protesters by state forces that took place half a century ago. Experts say that, while…

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Politicians, activists, civil servants gather at Thammasat U to join October 6th commemoration

Representatives of government and opposition parties, parliament, courts of justice, political activists and members of the public gathered at Thammasat University today (Friday) to commemorate the 47th anniversary of the…

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Experts see three flaws that could end in tragedy for Move Forward

The Move Forward Party has been on the defensive ever since its shock election victory in May. The party has taken what many observers describe as “political missteps” that may…

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Thailand remembers one of its gloomiest days

“October 6” is the dark fallout of “October 14”. What happened exactly 47 years ago was considered the blackest chapter of the modern political history of the “Land of Smiles”….

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Parnpree details Srettha government’s “economic diplomacy”

Foreign Minister Parnpree Bahiddha-Nukara said Wednesday that the Srettha government is committed to pursuing economic diplomacy that will enhance Thailand’s bargaining power and create equilibrium in its relationship with other…

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First referendum on new constitution expected in Q1 of next year

The first referendum on a new constitution for Thailand is expected to be held during the first quarter of next year, after the formation of a 35-member ad hoc panel…

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Adisorn Piengkes

Government MPs to ask Charter Court to rule on deputy House speaker’s post

Government MPs have agreed to turn to a charter-mandated independent organization, such as the Constitutional Court, to rule on the appropriateness of Padipat Suntiphada remaining as deputy House speaker, after…

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Adisorn Piengkes (left), Padipat Suntiphada (right)

Pheu Thai MPs to ask House to consider Padipat’s suitability as deputy House speaker

Pheu Thai’s party-list MP Adisorn Piengkes said today (Monday) he and other MPs will propose an urgent motion to the House of Representatives, questioning the suitability of Padipat Suntiphada to…

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Dr Puey Ungphakorn//Photo : Community Organisation Development Institute

Challenges Ahead: Thailand strives for well-being goals inspired by Dr Puey’s legacy

Five decades have passed but a much-cited article on well-being penned by prominent figure Dr Puey Ungphakorn is still relevant, serving as an inspiration for Thailand’s development. But despite visible…

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Appeals Court rejects lawyer Nampa’s bail application

The Thai Appeals Court has rejected human rights lawyer Arnon Nampa’s application for bail, on the grounds that the lèse majesté offence, of which he has been convicted, carries a…

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‘No curb on inequality’: Experts say huge rich-poor divide will remain under new govt

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin’s vow to curb generational poverty has failed to convince several experts, who point out that his government policies are mainly designed for short-term economic gains. “If…

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MRT decides to cut fares on Purple Line to 20 baht max by Dec 1

The board of directors of the Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRT) has decided to cut fares on the Purple Line train service to a maximum of 20 baht,…

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Deputy House speaker Padipat Suntiphadda

Controversial Singapore trip comes in under budget : Padipat

The cost of his five-day visit to Singapore was much less than the amount approved, claims Deputy House speaker Padipat Suntiphada. Padipat led an 11-member team on an official visit…

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Former finance minister doubts anticipated impact of “digital wallet”

Former Thai finance minister, Thirachai Puvanatnaranubala, has questioned claims by the Srettha government that the much-publicised digital wallet scheme will help Thailand achieve a 5% growth in GDP next year…

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Pannika Wanich: Political death sentence snuffs out Thailand’s anti-establishment heroine

Last week’s Supreme Court ruling banning former MP Pannika Wanich from elections and political office for life has been criticized as political “capital punishment” by many observers. Ending her political…

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New Move Forward leader outlines strategies for more change in Thai society

The Move Forward party will press for more change in Thai society, expand its political base across the country and transform the party into a political institution of the people,…

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PM denies appointing Thaksin as advisor

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin said this morning (Sunday) that he had not told the media that he has appointed convicted former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra as one of his advisors….

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The Progressive Movement’s core leader Piyabutr Saengkanokkul

Piyabutr promises to cease attacks on Move Forward

The Progressive Movement’s core leader Piyabutr Saengkanokkul has vowed to stop criticising the Move Forward party, after its supporters bombarded him with condemnation. In his live session on Facebook, Piyabutr…

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Thaksin could become government advisor : Srettha

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin has hinted that convicted former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra could be assigned an advisory role in his government, once he completes his time in prison. “I…

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Srettha government attempts to reorient foreign policy with old approach

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin is following the old approach to Thailand’s foreign affairs in a bid to rebuild confidence in the country on the global stage. The prime minister is…

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File photo : Pannika Wanich

 Pannika vows to stay in politics

Pannika Wanich has vowed to stay engaged in political activities, despite being banned from election or appointment to political office for life by the Supreme Court. Writing on her Facebook…

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Pannika Wanich

Former MP Pannika banned from contesting elections for life 

The Supreme Court’s Criminal Division for Political Office Holders has decided to permanently revoke the right to contest elections of former MP of the disbanded Future Forward party Pannika Wanich,…

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Photo : former Move Forward party leader Pita Limjaroenrat//Cr : Move Forward party

The dramatic fall of Pita Limjaroenrat – and what it means for Move Forward Party

Pita Limjaroenrat, the initial frontrunner to become Thailand’s 30th prime minister, has made a huge sacrifice in a bid to secure the post of opposition leader for his Move Forward…

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Move Forward secretary general Chaithawat Tulathon

Chaithawat tipped to become new leader of Move Forward party

Move Forward Party Secretary-General Chaithawat Tulathon has been tipped to become the new party leader, succeeding Pita Limjaroenrat who stepped down on September 15. Pita is currently banned from performing…

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My father underwent surgery last week : Paetongtarn

Thaksin Shinawatra, who is currently serving a prison sentence, underwent surgery last week and is in recovery, according to his youngest daughter Paetongtarn today (Tuesday). She declined to disclose any…

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Is it Move Forward’s turn to have its cake and eat it too?

The Move Forward Party, best known for its radical ideas, has always been seen by its critics as being politically naïve, but it may have finally started to learn the…

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PM Srettha to visit Cambodia this month

Cambodia is looking forward to Thai Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin’s visit to Phnom Penh later this month, aimed at further boosting ties between the two countries, according to Cambodia’s government…

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First deputy House speaker Padipat Santiphada

Deputy House speaker defends trip to Singapore

Deputy House speaker Padipat Suntiphada has defended his planned Singapore trip, saying people should not jump the gun in criticising him or his trip. “It is strange, because the trip…

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Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin attends the Thai Rath Forum 2023, on September 18.

NESDC casts doubts over domestic consumption rise from digital wallet scheme

National Social and Economic Council (NESDC) is unsure that the digital wallet scheme will boost domestic consumption to the level desired by the government, as the current consumption rate remains…

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PM Srettha might move to live in Government House

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin says he is thinking about moving into the Government House living quarters, to ease the daily traffic congestion possibly caused by his motorcade. Srettha Thavisin told…

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Would-be PM Pita makes it onto the “TIME100 Next” list this year

Pita Limjaroenrat, leader of the Move Forward party, who almost became Thailand’s 30th prime minister, has been included on Time magazine’s “TIME100 Next” list for 2023. Pita is the only…

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Convicted former PM Thaksin Shinawatra

Petition submitted to PM to have Thaksin returned to prison

A political network filed a petition with the prime minister on Wednesday, calling for convicted Thaksin Shinawatra to be returned to prison from the hospital where he has been since…

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Why Srettha is seen as “windfall prime minister”

How do you describe someone who is seen as having become the country’s top executive by sheer luck?  An MP of the Move Forward Party believes he has just the…

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Deputy Finance Minister Krisada Chinavicharana

Top bureaucrat-turned-politician may find Finance Ministry a different cup of tea

The newly appointed Deputy Minister of Finance, Krisada Chinavicharana, was a former top official at the Finance Ministry. Though familiar with the workings of the ministry as the former permanent…

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MR Sukhumbhand Paribatra

Ex-Bangkok governor found at fault for contracting BTSC to operate Green line extensions

A National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) investigative panel has voted 3:3 in finding MR Sukhumbhand Paribatra and BTS Group Holding chairman Keeree Kanjanapas, guilty of violating the Public-Private Partnership Act (PPP Act)…

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Transport Minister promises Bt20 fare on Purple and Red lines by New Year

Transport Minister Suriya Juangroongruangkit has promised to cut train fares on the Purple and Red lines to a maximum of 20 baht for the entire route within three months. Responding…

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Move Forward MP says government overestimating benefit of digital wallet scheme

Move Forward party-list MP Chaiwat Sathawornwichit has claimed that the government has over-estimated the benefits of the “digital wallet” scheme in boosting the economy, as the timing is not right…

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Deputy Police Commissioner Pol Gen Torsak Sukvimol

Pol Gen Torsak tipped to be new national police chief

In a move, described as a win-win, deputy police commissioner Pol Gen Roy Ingkapairote will be appointed National Security Council (NSC) chief, paving the way for Pol Gen Torsak Sukvimol…

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Public Ministry to set up National Health Security Board

Thailand’s Public Health Minister Cholnan Srikaew said today (Monday) that he intends to set up a National Health Security Board and push for medicinal cannabis, among other public health policies…

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Move Forward accuse government of reneging on election promises

Many Pheu Thai election manifesto promises were missing from the policy statement delivered by PM Srettha Thavisin to parliament, said Move Forward MP deputy leader Sirikanya Tansakul on Monday. “The…

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Acting Democrat leader says policy statement doesn’t match election pledges

Acting Democrat party leader Jurin Laksanawisit told parliament today (Monday) that the government’s policies, delivered by Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin, do not match those promised by the Pheu Thai party…

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New Thai PM delivers his policy statement in parliament

In his policy statement, delivered in parliament this morning (Monday), Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin detailed the main political, social and economic challenges facing Thailand, on top of the COVID-19 pandemic…

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Move Forward candidate wins Rayong Constituency 3 by-election

Move Forward party leader Pita Limjaroenrat declared the victory of his party’s candidate, Pongsathon Sonpechnarintr, in the Rayong Constituency 3 by-election on Sunday, as he thanked voters for their support….

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Move Forward party candidate Pongsathon Sonpechnarintr

Move Forward candidate leads in Rayong’s Constituency 3 by-election

Move Forward party candidate Pongsathon Sonpechnarintr is ahead of his closest rival from the Democrat party, Banyat Jetanachan, by a wide margin about one hour after vote counting began in…

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Defence minister denies appointing Shinawatra family members

Thailand’s new defence minister Sutin Klungsang denied a report today (Sunday) that he has appointed two members of the Shinawatra family as his chief advisor and secretary. The report was…

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PM refuses more funding for International Horticultural Expo in Udon Thani

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin has rejected a request from the Udon Thani provincial administration for an additional 3 billion baht, on top of the 2.5 billion baht already approved by…

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False asset declaration case against former MP Pareena dismissed

The Supreme Court’s Criminal Division for Political Office Holders dismissed the National Anti-Corruption Commission’s (NACC) charge of making a false asset statement against former Palang Pracharath MP for Ratchaburi province…

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Local officials to be vetted before appointment

Interior Minister Anutin Charnvirakul has instructed all provincial governors to check the backgrounds of individuals before they are appointed as officials, citing the case of “Praween”, aka “Kamnan Nok”, a…

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New PM visits Khon Kaen to get some grass root opinions

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin, accompanied by some members of the Cabinet, met with people in a northeastern province of Khon Kaen today (Friday) and discussed drought problems. This is his…

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Anutin tells officials “no more masters, only brothers and sisters”

The Interior Ministry is known as one of Thailand’s most bureaucratic and hierarchical government agencies and this is something that new Interior Minister Anutin Charnvirakul wants to change. On his…

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Pongsathon Sonpechnarintr, Move Forward candidate for Rayong by-election

EC endorses Move Forward candidate’s qualifications ahead of Rayong by-election

Election Commission (EC) has confirmed that Pongsathon Sonpechnarintr, the Move Forward party candidate running in the by-election in Constituency 3 of Rayong province, is qualified to contest the poll this…

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PM Srettha agrees to use bullet-proof Mecedes-Benz

Before going to take oath of office at Dusit Royal Palace on September 5, Prime Minister Srettha arrived at Government House in his new Lexus LM 350h Executive saloon, causing…

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Chaiwat Limlikhitaksorn

29 state officials accused of involvement in precious wood trafficking

A formal complaint has been lodged with National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) by the director of the National Parks Office,accusing 29 state officials at various agencies of involvement in the trafficking…

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Chairman of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, Sanan Angubolkul, talked with Thai PBS World’s Franc Han Shih.

Business leader sees tourism as key to Thailand’s economic growth

With Thailand’s new government, led by Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin of Pheu Thai Party, finally in place, there is growing anticipation among Thai business leaders for a swift economic recovery….

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PM Srettha Thavisin pays respect to a sacred shrine in the Government House.

Please allow me to work and ask me again if I have a free hand : Srettha

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin said today (Wednesday) that he will work diligently, because the public are expecting him to solve their problems, but asked for time to do what is…

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Photo : Pichet Chuemuangphan

Lack of compromise delays House Standing Committee chair assignments

A meeting of political parties to assign the chairs of 35 House Standing Committees yesterday (Monday) made no progress, as the parties refused to compromise, according to Pichet Chuamuangphan, second…

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Photo from Facebook: Somchai Srisutthiyakorn

Advice on military reform offered to Thailand’s new Defence Minister

Former election commissioner Somchai Srisutthiyakorn has offered some advice to Defence Minister Sutin Klungsang regarding military reform, suggesting that he should not follow everything told to him by the military’s…

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New Thai PM to renovate Government House media centres

Prime Minister-elect Srettha Thavisin said today (Monday) that what he intends to do with the media centres in Government House is renovation, not demolition. He denied media rumours that he…

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Mixed expectations from new ministers as Srettha’s Cabinet gets to work

Months of wait for the new Cabinet ended on Saturday, but reservations were expressed by many observers on Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin’s choice of ministers. Srettha has kept with himself…

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Thai PM and Defence Minister meet informally with Thai military top brass

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin and Defence Minister Sutin Klungsang had an informal meeting over lunch today (Sunday) with the military’s new top brass for familiarisation and an exchange of views….

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BMA to seek meeting with government to tackle unresolved problems

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) will seek a meeting with the new government to discuss cooperation on issues of public interest, problems in the city as well as projects proposed…

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Poll respondents favour farmer debt moratoria and ฿20 train fare in Bangkok

A 3-year debt moratorium for farmers and a flat rate 20-baht electric train fare in Bangkok and its suburbs are the two most favoured policies of the Pheu Thai party…

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House secretary-general wants policy statement moved to Sep 11th

The secretary-general of Thailand’s House of Representatives has informed the House speaker that she would prefer the government’s delivery of its policy statement to parliament, by Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin,…

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Like other convicts, further clemency for Thaksin possible on important occasions

Convicted former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, like other inmates, will be eligible for further royal clemency on important occasions, out-going Justice Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam told Thai PBS. Thaksin’s eight-year prison…

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PM to lead his ministers in oath-taking ceremony at the Royal palace on Tuesday

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin will lead his 34 cabinet ministers to take the oath of allegiance before His Majesty the King at the Royal palace on Tuesday, after a Royal…

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Shinawatra family’s lawyer Phichit dropped from Cabinet list

Controversial former lawyer for the Shinawatra family, Phichit Chuenban, was dropped from the Cabinet line-up of the Srettha government at the last minute. On Friday night, Phichit announced that that…

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Royal approval of Thailand’s new Cabinet granted

A Royal Command has been issued by His Majesty the King and published in the Royal Gazette approving the line-up of the new cabinet led by Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin,…

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Convict Thaksin granted royal commutation

HM the King has granted a Royal commutation, reducing the prison term to be served by convicted former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra from eight years to one. The commutation was…

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Phichit Chuenban

Council of State’s advice sought over Phichit’s Cabinet eligibility

Prime Minister-elect Srettha Thavisin said today (Thursday) that he has asked the Office of the Council of State (OCS) to examine whether Phichit Chuenban is qualified for a ministerial post…

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Photo : Outgoing deputy PM Prawit Wongsuwan

General Prawit to step down as a party-list MP

Outgoing Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwan said today (Thursday) that he will quit as a party-list MP and will only retain his post as leader of the Palang Pracharath party….

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Photo : Srettha Thavisin

PM promises immediate energy price cuts after first cabinet meeting

Energy prices will be cut immediately following the first meeting of the new cabinet, which is yet to be scheduled, said Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin after a meeting yesterday (Wednesday)…

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Does Pheu Thai-led coalition spell death for the red-shirt movement?

Pheu Thai’s recent decision to embrace parties linked with the 2010 bloody military crackdown on red-shirt protesters may have shaken many members of the movement. However, it has far from destroyed its…

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Pheu Thai party leader quits

Cholnan Srikaew quit as leader of the Pheu Thai party today (Wednesday), with immediate effect, to keep his pre-election promise to resign if Pheu Thai were to partner with Palang…

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PM dines with Thailand’s leading business executives

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin had a private meeting over dinner with Thailand’s top business executives from diverse private sector fields on Monday night. The special informal event was organised and…

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Prayut says he will just be an ordinary citizen with his family after retirement

After chairing his last cabinet meeting today (Tuesday), outgoing Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha told the media that he will spend the rest of his life in retirement with his family…

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Srettha plays down talk of reform as Sutin emerges as defence minister

As Pheu Thai Party decides to nominate one of its deputy leaders, Sutin Klungsang, as defence minister, Prime Minister-elect Srettha Thavisin is playing down expectations that there will be any…

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Thaksin Shinawatra (Tony Woodsome)

Petition submitted against Thaksin seeking Royal pardon

The Thai Pakdee party submitted a petition to Corrections Department director general on Monday, opposing any attempt by former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra to seek a Royal pardon. The party’s…

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Pheu Thai’s challenge to reduce electric train fares to 20 baht max

The Department of Rail Transport believes that, if the Pheu Thai party’s policy to reduce the fare for electric train services in Bangkok and its suburbs to 20 baht, to…

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New cabinet line-up complete : Srettha

Prime Minister-elect Srettha Thavisin confirmed this morning (Monday) that his cabinet list is now complete, after a long night of discussions both inside his Pheu Thai party and among coalition…

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Image Courtesy: Matichon

Pheu Thai finalises Cabinet line-up, veteran politician as FM

Pheu Thai Party’s proposed Cabinet line-up has undergone a last-minute change, which sees former trade representative and seasoned politician Parnpree Bahiddha-Nukara tipped as foreign minister in the Srettha government, according…

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Latest cabinet line-up at a glance

The new cabinet line-up is about almost complete, with the core party, Pheu Thai, taking most of the economic portfolios, including finance, commerce and transport. The latest cabinet line-up of…

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Phuket’s night-life venues ask new PM to let them to stay open until 4am

Night entertainment operators in Phuket have proposed that Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin allow their venues on Patong Beach to stay open until 4am, instead of the current 1am. Weerawit Kruasombat,…

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PM Prayut bids farewell to the Thai people

Outgoing Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha bade farewell to the Thai people, after about nine years in the office, in his farewell message on Facebook today (Saturday) by expressing his hope…

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