11 July 2024

The senatorial candidates who won in the provincial-level vote reported to the election centre at the Impact Forum conference hall in Muang Thong Than exhibition centre this morning, for the final round of voting for new senators.

Again, the selection process will be divided into two rounds. The first round is the intra-group voting in each of the 20 background groups.

The 40 candidates with the most votes will advance to the second round. This means that, out of a total of 3,000 candidates, only 800 will advance to the decisive round this afternoon.

In the decisive round, the 20 background groups will be merged into four “super” groups.  Candidates in the “super” groups can vote for members of the other groups. The top 10 from each of the 20 background groups will become senators. 

Election Commission Chairman Itthiporn Boonpracong arrived at the election centre at about 7.25am, to make sure everything is ready for the voting today.

About 135 police officers from the First Provincial Police Bureau are deployed at the election centre and in its vicinity.