11 July 2024

There is no law or regulation preventing an individual, including paroled former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, from seeking justice from the Attorney General, if they feel that they are being unfairly prosecuted, said Deputy spokesman Nakane Thongpraiwan, Office of the Attorney General today.

Thaksin, through his lawyers, petitioned the attorney-general yesterday, seeking a review of the lèse majesté charge against him, claiming that the decision of the previous attorney general was made under coercion from the military junta.

Nakane said that, if the petitioner has new evidence, which proves his innocence, the prosecutor in charge of the case may delay the prosecution and order further investigation.

On the other hand, if the petition is all about denial or does not present any new evidence, and the submission of the petition is a tactic to delay legal proceedings, the prosecutor may dismiss the petition and proceed with the indictment.

In the case of Thaksin, he said that it is within the authority of the AG to decide whether to review the lèse majesté charge.

Thaksin is scheduled to appear before the court for formal indictment on June 18.

Today, former attorney-general Trakul presented an extract from the regulation, about seeking justice from prosecutors.

He underlined the condition stating that a petitioner must submit the petition in person and that the petition must not be a tactic in an attempt to delay the case.