11 July 2024

About 2,000 pharmacies have joined Bangkok’s home isolation program, under which they will provide antigen test kits (ATKs), medication and counselling to asymptomatic, mildly symptomatic COVID-19 patients and those in high-risk groups.

Dr. Jiraporn Limpananon, president of The Pharmacy Council of Thailand, said today that they have sought cooperation from pharmacies in the capital to help in the operation of the home isolation program.

With the pending arrival of the ATKs, purchased by the National Health Security Office through the Government Pharmaceutical Organisation, she said that the council decided to mobilize the support of pharmacies, through which the ATKs will be distributed free of charge to the public, including to those in home isolation.

Dr. Jiraporn Limpananon, president of The Pharmacy Council of Thailand

Instead of these people having to obtain medication or ATKs at the pharmacies, which will risk the spread of the disease, she said pharmacies will be responsible for the distribution of the test kits, medication and counselling.

The names and phone numbers of participating pharmacies will be published, so those in home isolation can make contact to seek advice and obtain the ATKs or medication from the pharmacy of their choice.

Dr. Jiraporn said that, for people who are at risk of infection, due to their close contact with the infected and who are in home isolation as a precaution, the pharmacists will assess and provide advice on how to look after themselves while in isolation.

When home isolation is not possible, the pharmacies will try to arrange for community isolation facilities to accommodate them.

The ATKs are expected to arrive within a fortnight and will be distributed as quickly as possible.