15 amusement parks in Bangkok do not have permits

15 of the 48 amusement parks in Bangkok do not have construction and operating licenses, according to the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA). The BMA and other agencies started field inspections of all permanent amusement parks in 26 of the city’s districts in April.

In addition, eight amusement parks do not meet the required standards for safety signs, training for equipment supervisors, scheduled maintenance timetables and emergency planning.

Deputy Bangkok Governor, Thaweesak Lertpraphan, said he has instructed the 26 district offices, where the amusement parks are located, to notify their operators to apply for permits within 15 days of the notification or face closure and prosecution. Park operators without correct permits face a maximum fine of 50,000 baht.

Regarding temporary amusement activities, which take place during temple fairs, at weekend markets or in some communities, he said that the operators need permission for the installation of the amusement equipment.



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