11 July 2024

A water expert at Rangsit University’s Centre for Climate Change and Disasters, Dr. Seri Suparatit, has advised people living in Bangkok and neighbouring provinces to look after themselves as much as possible during the forecast flooding in September and October, because the authorities concerned, such as the Royal Irrigation Department, do not have a clear plan for water management.

During his inspection trip to Ayutthaya province to observe the water situation, Dr. Seri claims he met numerous people who said that they want to know how the Royal Irrigation Department will deal with the problem this month and to where water will be diverted if there is heavy rain.

He also said that the people in Ayutthaya asked him why the water discharged through the Chao Phraya Dam in Chai Nat province has mostly been diverted into their province by the Royal Irrigation Department and not to Suphan Buri.

They also pointed out that last year, when rainfall was only a third of the amount this year, the Royal Irrigation Department diverted more water from the Chao Phraya River to Suphan Buri, between 100m3/s, compared to 140m3/s for Ayutthaya via the Noi River.

Dr. Seri said that people in Ayutthaya are wondering why they are to bear the brunt of excessive amount of water being discharged through Chao Phraya Dam.

He noted that the reduction of the amount of water being discharged will do little to ease the water problem in Bangkok and its suburbs, because it will not be felt in the capital for two weeks and, if there are heavy rains now, Bangkok will be at risk of widespread flooding.