Walk-A-Tif: The ‘Thai-Saudi Bridge’ Exhibition

This year seems to be a golden year for Thailand and Saudi Arabia relations, after the 2 countries agreed to restore full diplomatic ties. But what are the elements that will connect people of the two countries? We might be able to find out at the “Thai-Saudi Bridge Exhibition”.

The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Bangkok has held an exhibition, marking one of the first major events held by the embassy in Thailand following the restoration of Thai-Saudi diplomatic relations.

The “Thai-Saudi Bridge Exhibition” explains the roles that Saudi Arabia has played in offering assistance to Muslims around the world, as well as its ties with Thailand.

H.E. Mr. Essam Saleh H. Algetale, Chargé d’Affaires, Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia said that “After 7 months of the relationship restoration, both countries have exchanged visits. Especially, the people of the two countries can see the many advantages of restoring diplomatic ties.”

He mentioned that the word ‘Bridge’ refers to the bridge that connects people to people of both countries. Especially the exchange of our cultures and traditions.

After you step into this exhibition, Saudi Arabian coffee has been prepared as the welcome drink of this exhibition.

Saudi Arabian coffee has its own unique formula. They boil the coffee together with many spices, such as cardamom. The formula is different, depending on the part of the country. The coffee will give you a very good aroma, different from other coffees.

They use their left hand to hold the coffee kettle called ‘Dullah’, which is made from brass and other kinds of metal, and they use their right hand to hold a cup. If you have many guests, the coffee will be served to the person who is on the right hand side of the server. If there is an elder, the coffee will be served to the elder first.

The exhibition also has a plenty of free dates, which were grown in the eastern part of Saudi Arabia, for visitors to sample.

After you get your Saudi Arabian dates and coffee, you can bring them to eat while enjoying Saudi Arabian vibes in the “Saudi living room”, which has been specially prepared for visitors.

The exhibition also provides Quran teachers to advise visitors on how to recite the scriptures.

Visitors can perform the pilgrimage virtually with the ‘Virtual learning 3D Hajj and Umrah’ application. This application is developed by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs of Saudi Arabia. The user can select  to perform the Hajj or Umrah virtually, step by step.

The exhibition also provide access to a lot of ancient Islamic texts, including the royal Quran, which is the central Islamic textbook. Islamic e-books are also available for visitors to download.

Besides the display of ancient Quran, the exhibition also provides the Quran with a Thai translation for free. An Arabic calligraphy master is also here to write your name in gorgeous Arabic calligraphy.

H.E. Mr. Essam Saleh H. Algetale also said that “We would like to invite Thai people to keep our relationship and save our bridge, whether by visiting us for pilgrimage or for travel.”

For anyone who wants to explore Thailand and Saudi Arabia relations, the exhibition is taking place at the Foundation of Islamic Centre of Thailand until the end of August 2022 from 11am to 5pm.

by Kitipat Chuensukjit


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