11 July 2024

Thai senators have warned a group of US senators that their alleged interference in the internal affairs of Thailand, after their apparent support for the pro-democracy movement, will negatively impact the good relations between Thailand and the United States, which date back some 200 years.

Pikulkaew Krairerk, head of Thailand’s Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, told the media on Tuesday that the countryupholds a democratic system with the King as head of the state and the government is determined to resolve problems, including the political conflict, through peaceful means and in accordance with the law.

Although democratic rule was interrupted again by the coup in 2014, she said the current government was democratically elected and the existing Constitution, which is the subject of criticism and demands to have it rewritten from pro-democracy protesters, upholds the fundamental principles of the rights and liberties of the people.

The Thai senator argued that opposition parties, which failed to form the government after the general election, have accused the government of election fraud and are supportive of the protesters.

She went on say that, if the US politicians have any questions about the political situation in Thailand, they should contact the Thai embassy or consular offices in the US, instead of listening to just one side of the story from the protest groups.

A group of US senators, including Thai-American Tammy Duckworth of Illinois, last week proposed a resolution in support of the pro-democracy protesters in Thailand. They also called on the Thai government to end violence against political activists.