6 June 2024

A nine-month-old cat has become famous in Thailand recently, after video clips showing him strolling among passengers at Suvarnabhumi International Airport went viral.

The cat is now known among Thai netizens as the “Suvarnabhumi orange cat,” although his name is actually “Nurang”.

The clips showing him wandering around airport and riding up and down escalators have been shared and liked many times.The mainstream an d digital media have reported on his presence at the airport.

Kanokporn, 31, told reporters that her boyfriend works with a tour company and comes to the airport to pick up arriving tourists, mostly Vietnamese and Chinese, and she tags along to help run some errands.

“Nurang is my cat. I brought him to the airport as he did not like to be left alone. I once left him by himself in my room and, when I returned, my room was a complete mess, destroyed by him,” she said.

Nurang has not yet caused any trouble inside the airport and he is always within her sight. “He prefers to sleep in an airport luggage trolley, not in a cat carrier or any other confinement,” she added.

Many tourists were seen taking photos with Nurang, who stood out by wearing a collar decorated with bells.

The cat travelled back and forth between the airport and the room by motorcycle, and he loves riding in a basket in the front, enjoying the scenery, she said.