21 May 2024

Up to 100 people have been caught posing as the elderly in an attempt to get vaccinated at Bang Sue Grand Station, Bangkok’s main vaccination site for people aged 60 and over.

Many entered the incorrect age when they registered for vaccination through Thailand’s four main mobile phone operators and received an SMS or QR code containing their vaccination appointments.

Once they arrived for their appointments, however, their real age was discovered and they were turned away without getting inoculated, according to Dr. Mingkwan Wichaidit, who runs the vaccination site.

Meanwhile, many people have been turning up at the station without confirmed appointments, because they did not press “confirm” when registering. The site is only allowing walk-ins by people aged 75 and over and their caretakers until Sunday, July 18th, while all other vaccinations are by appointment only.

About 800,000 doses of vaccine have been administered at the site to date, including 120,000 for the elderly population, whose vaccination rate remains low despite being a prioritised group.