11 July 2024

The Ministry of Interior and the Office of the Election Commission are scheduled to meet today (Monday) to discuss the timing of Bangkok’s gubernatorial and city councillor and Pattaya City’s mayoral and city councillor elections.

The proposed dates are Sunday May 22nd or Sunday May 29th.

It is expected that the Interior Ministry will propose a date to the cabinet for approval on March 8th, after which the Election Commission will issue an announcement, between March 21st and 31st, of the elections in Bangkok and Pattaya and the deadlines for the registration of candidacy.

Currently, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration is working on the forming of the capital’s 50 districts into constituencies, each of which will be represented by a councillor. The whole of Bangkok, which includes Thon Buri, is single constituency for the purpose of the Bangkok gubernatorial election.

This year’s Bangkok governor election will be the first in 9 years. For Pattaya, there are 24 city councillors and one mayor.