6 June 2024

The concept of having Chinese police patrol with Thai counterparts in Thailand has met with a mixed reaction with those in Pattaya expressing support.

Rumpueng ‘Lisa’ Hamilton, president of the Pattaya Night Business Association, said that she agrees with the idea, as she believes that it would build up confidence for Chinese tourists in terms of safety.

“When I talk to my Chinese friends, they express concern about their safety and possible conflicts with Thai police while visiting Thailand. Thai police might group them together with other Chinese who are involved in illegal activities in Thailand,” Rumpueng said.

She believes that the presence of Chinese police would help clear up possible misunderstandings and suppress the illegal activities by the Chinese.

Meanwhile Jitsupa Prajongbua, a Thai tour guide, said that it would give the Chinese tourists more confidence in their safety, adding “I am confident that more Chinese tourists will visit Thailand if the concept is implemented.”

In the Huay Kwang area of Bangkok, which is crowded with Chinese tourists, one said that the Chinese community seems to welcome the concept.

“My opinion is that Thai police have not yet provided enough safety for us. If Chinese police can join the team, I feel that it would certainly increase our confidence in living our lives. In case of emergency, the communication will be easy. The Chinese police will certainly provide immediate assistance.”

Sakkasit Mungkarn, advisor to the Tourism Council in Trat province, disagrees, saying “Trat, a border province, already has tourist, local and border police to help provide security and safety. We are confident that they have the capabilities to handle the matters.”

Tourist destinations in Trat, such as Koh Chang and Koh Mak, have welcomed a lower number of Chinese tourists, compared to before the outbreak of COVID-19 disease, he said, so with the presence of those Thai police, the Chinese tourists could be assured of their safety.