6 June 2024

Lampieu Kusaram, who lost both of his sons when Hamas attacked Israel earlier this month, said that no amount of compensation can ease his sense of loss.

The body of his youngest son, Pongthep, 26, was returned to Thailand on Friday, together with seven other Thai nationals who were killed in Israel on October 7. Pongthep’s funeral will be held in his native province of Khon Kaen.

The remains of his eldest son, Apichart, 29, is still in Israel, pending official identification by authorities.

The grieving father wept, saying that initial reports stated that his two sons went missing during the attack, adding “at that time, I still had hope that my children had survived the attack, but later the Labour Ministry confirmed to me that both were killed.”

He was informed that he had to wait for an unknown period before the body of Apichart to be returned to him.

He does not yet know what compensation he will receive following the deaths of his children. “I did not want to talk about the compensation because however much the compensation is, it could not compensate for my loss and grief,” he said.

Pongthep, who went to work in Israel first and earned about Bt80,000 a month, persuaded his older brother, Apichart, to follow him. Both always contacted their father, telling him about their lives in Israel.

Lampieu said that, when they worked in Israel, they always communicated with the family, adding that they wanted to buy him a tractor. Apichart was married with two children, while Pongthep was single.