21 May 2024

The Thammasat University field hospital has abandoned its plan to accept a donation of 1.5 million doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine from Poland. The university has failed to obtain an official letter, from the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs, confirming its status as the Thai government’s official representative for receipt of the vaccine donation.

The field hospital said in its update yesterday (Monday) that it had made all the preparations to facilitate the delivery of the vaccine from Poland, including logistic expenses, such as booking a flight from Poland on October 28th, freight, insurance and storage, as required by the donor, which also requires a formal confirmation from a Thai government agency that Thammasat University is the official representative for the receipt of the vaccine.

The hospital said that it had contacted the Thai Foreign Ministry in Bangkok, requesting a formal letter to confirm its status, adding that it had informed the ministry that all the expenses for the delivery of the donated vaccine would be borne by the university.

The ministry informed the hospital that, in accordance with regulations announced in the Royal Gazette, the hospital could proceed with the case on its own and should consult with the Disease Control Department directly.

With this response from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the field hospital said it has decided to end its effort to secure the free vaccine from Poland and offered a public apology to people who had been hoping to receive this alternative vaccine.

Nevertheless, the hospital announced its determination to procure more alternative vaccines to meet domestic needs. It also said that it will close its vaccination facility, in the 4th gymnasium on the campus, on November 14th and transfer all its medical personnel back to the Thammasat Hospital.