Thailand’s rainy season officially begins May 18th

Thailand officially enters the rainy season tomorrow (Monday), said Meteorological Department director-general Squadron Leader Somsak Khaosuwan today.

Citing a meteorological model, he said that the rainy season this year will last until mid-October. The rain will, initially, be scattered and will steadily increase from the end of May through mid-June, when rainfall will then taper off until the middle of July.

He said that there might not be enough water for farmland which has no access to irrigation between mid-June to mid-July adding, however, that there will be more rain during August and September, with the possibility of one or two tropical storms moving across Thailand.

For the southern region, where rainy season usually arrives later, rains are expected to last until next January.

Somsak predicted that overall rainfall this year will be about 5% less than last year, as he urged farmers to store water when rains are plenty, so that there will be water for use during the dry season.


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