6 June 2024

Phat Kraphao is the most basic dish available at most street food stalls. It is sometimes called the “thoughtless” dish, for people who have no idea what to order and now it has topped the “Best Stir-Fries in the World 2023” list, released by TasteAtlas.com today (Saturday).

Another favourite, Pad Thai, was placed 8th with a score of 4.4, while Phat Kraphao scored 4.8.  South Korea’s Dak Galbi comes second with 4.7.

Other Thai dishes which made it into the top 50 were Phat Si-io (4.3), Khua Kling (4.2) and stir-fried chicken with cashew nuts (3.7).

The website features recipes and food reviews from critics around the world. It said that Phat Kraphao is the fourth most commonly ordered dish by foreigners in Thailand.

According to the TasteAtlas.com description of Phat Kraphao “this traditional Thai stir-fry combines minced meat or seafood with holy basil and various other ingredients, such as shallots, garlic and chili peppers. The dish is flavoured with soy sauce, sugar and fish sauce and typically comes served with rice, a fried egg and fish sauce on the side.”