6 June 2024

People living in northern and north-eastern provinces are being advised to brace for summer storms from Monday through Wednesday, due to the onset of a moderate cold front from China.

The Meteorological Department said that the cold front will collide with the hot to very hot weather, which is covering the north of the country, resulting in heavy rain, strong winds and isolated hail.

North-eastern provinces are forecast to see thunder storms for several more days, due to the intensification of a low pressure cell in the South China Sea, as it steadily moves towards central Vietnam next Wednesday and Thursday before, it weakens.

The south is forecast to see heavy to very heavy rain from Monday through Friday due to the low pressure cell over the Bay of Bengal, which is intensifying into a tropical storm as it moves towards the middle of the bay.

Rough seas with waves of between 2-3 metres, and higher in stormy areas, are anticipated in the Andaman Sea. Fishermen and sailors are advised to exercise greater caution when navigating in the Andaman Sea, while small vessels are advised to stay ashore.