11 July 2024

Thailand’s most celebrated  culinary guru and national artist M.R. M.R. Thanadsri Svasti passed away Tuesday at the age of 93 of cancer at Paolo Memorial hospital.

A funeral rite is held tomorrow at Sala 10 of Wat Thep Sirinthaarawat in Bangkok and will move to Water Hall at the same temple on Monday.

M.R. Thanadsri’s son, M.L. Sirichalerm , wrote in his Facebook page Tuesday that his father was diagnosed of being afflicted with last-stage cancer of the bile duct in a PET scan and the cancer had spread all over his body about two months ago.

He was given medical treatment, but his condition kept deteriorating.  He said the family agreed that they didn’t want the patient to be operated on or to suffer from pains and to be treated in accordance with his symptoms.

M.R. Thanadsri was famous for his food review column called “Shell Chuan Chim” which appeared in Siam Rath weekly magazine in September 1961.  Food shops that he reviewed often attracted more customers and became lucrative.  He also pioneered food programme on TV.

He became a singer of the famous Suntaraporn band after his return to Thailand from England after the Second World War.  He won several musical awards and featured in over 200 musical records throughout his life.  His famous songs include Si Chang, Yam Rak, Huang Rak and Wana Sawat.

M.R. Thanadsri was named a national artist in performing arts by the Culture Ministry in 2008.