23 May 2024

A Thai tourist was killed and nine others were hurt, including five who have serious injuries, when a van in which they were travelling crashed into roadside rocks in the Doi Ang Khang mountainous tourist area in Chiang Mai province today (Monday).

A witness, who was travelling in another van, told the police that there were about 20 of them who had travelled from Samut Prakan to Chiang Mai over the long weekend in two vans.

They stayed overnight at a resort at Doi Ang Khang and left for home in Samut Prakan today. While driving downhill, the witness said that the van behind them accelerated to overtake, but the driver apparently lost control and crashed into the roadside rocks.

The dead and injured were rushed to Fang District’s hospital by the emergency services.

Doi Ang Khang and several other mountain-top resorts and tourist attractions are popular among Thai tourists during the cold season. Many travel there to catch a glimpse of the sea of fog before dawn and the ground frost.