6 June 2024

Serial murder suspect Sararat Rangsiwuthaporn is alleged to be a heavy online gambler who has spent a combined 78 million baht betting since 2020, with up to 10 million baht wagered in a single day, Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn, the deputy national police chief, told the media today (Friday).

He said that the suspect admitted to having engaged in online gambling since 2020, using money she obtained from a “share” lending scheme, car refinancing and loans from informal lenders, adding that, while her former husband Pol Lt-Col Vitoon was not involved in the gambling, he gave her the money acquired from cooperatives and a home mortgage.

Surachate said that police know the identities of the operators of the gambling websites, but have not issued warrants for their arrests yet.

The deputy national police chief returned to the Central Women’s Correctional Institution yesterday to question the suspect again. She refused to provide any further information to the police or to sign to acknowledge previous statements given to the police, he added.

He said the suspect’s refusal to give any more information to the police was expected, after she had had consulted her lawyer.

Even though the suspect has denied the murder charges, he said police built have a solid case against her.

Surachate also said that police are soon expected to wrap up all 15 cases and send them to the public prosecutors, adding that the police have been in close coordination with them to ensure that they are working in the same direction.